This year’s Black Friday was a bust, according to Bloomberg. Sales were down 11% from last year. A survey by the National Retail Federation ascribed the decline to an improved economy, which in turn lessened consumers’ reliance on deep discounts.

While this was bad news for retailers, it was encouraging news for Blackout for Human Rights, a group that organized Ferguson-driven boycotts at shopping malls across the country last Friday and hopes eventually to topple capitalism.

You wouldn’t know capitalism was evil to judge from the lifestyle of the group’s marketing director. His name is Michael Latt. He is white and very rich — and unashamed to show it.

GotNews, which broke the story on Sunday, has a number of images from Latt’s Facebook page that show him living the good life he claims to abhor. One, a shot of Latt at the wheel of his yacht, is reproduced below:


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