I was recently beyond thrilled to attend the recent August meeting of theHollywood Congress of Republicans featuring guest speaker, the great Andrew Breitbart.

There are few people in the media who are quite as brave as Breitbart.  He has taken on some of the biggest ‘untouchables’ in America:  ACORN, Planned Parenthood, The National Endowment for the Arts, The National Black Farmers Association and more.

On a personal level, Breitbart is a constant source of both inspiration and motivation for me.  When things start looking bleak and hopeless—as they often do in America these days–I simply visit one of Breitbart’s five websites (www.Breitbart.com:  Breitbart TV, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism and Big Peace) to get a renewed sense of balance.

Also, Breitbart’s book Righteous Indignation:  Excuse Me While I Save the World helped encourage me to use my voice to bring more attention to Conservative Hollywood.

Breitbart arrived a little late because of the crazy L.A. traffic but soon as President of the HCR Mell Flynn introduced him, he hopped on the stage, sat with his legs dangling, and immediately started mesmerizing with his thoughts on Critical Theory.

“When you study the left, it really was their intention to screw everything up,” he said.  “If you read my book (Righteous Indignation), you’ll realize I had an epiphany unfortunately after I graduated college about what Critical Theory is—the deconstruction of everything and the destruction of everything.  And the left knows how to tear things down but they don’t know how to build up.”

He talked about how the left ‘deconstructed’ people like President Bush and Sarah Palin, saying the reason is because “they’re just inheritently villainous people; shoot first, and they don’t even have to aim.  It doesn’t matter—they just criticize…and they don’t have a solution.”

Breitbart says the reason Barack Obama got elected is because the left force-fed their ‘Bush and the Republicans are evil’ mantra—which in turn transcended Obama.

“The great thing that happened is Critical Theory played itself out so quickly that the great middle, the Independents that bought into Critical Theory, believed ‘Bush is worse than Hitler’ because that’s what everybody told me.  That’s what Matt Damon told me, that’s what Katie Couric told me, and those same people told me this other guy (Obama) is so great.”

Despite the Independents being swayed by the mystique of Obama, Breitbart believes there’s still hope.

“It’s the great middle in this country that got swindled in the last election cycle that is starting to wake up.  I pray to God that what I think is happening is continuing to happen,” he said.

Regarding the debt crisis, Breitbart calls it a success.

“People go ‘Oh, don’t say that, it’s not a success!’  The very conversation over a debt ceiling is a victory!  There’s no way that Katie Couric would have brought this up in a previous incarnation.  There’s no way that we would even be having this conversation.  The reason they’re calling us ‘terrorists’ is because we’ve been successful in finally advocating for what we believe in.”  (applause)

Breitbart was especially enthusiastic about the Tea Party movement in America.

“We can lose the Republican Party and the country would still be moving forward, but if we lost the Tea Party, we’d be screwed.”  (applause)  “Who disagrees that the Tea Party isn’t the very thing that has saved this country right now?”

Andrew also talked about all the name-calling Conservatives have been experiencing lately.

“How many people care that Joe Biden called them a terrorist?  Who didn’t smile?  We are feigning that we’re upset when the comedians call us Nazis and fascists.  I feign.  I say ‘I can’t believe that they just called me a Nazi!’ but I am basking in it!”

Since the MOA on the left is to blame Conservatives anytime a tragedy, shooting or natural disaster happens, Breitbart said he knew he’d get blamed for the recent Norway shootings, despite the fact that he was in Michigan on vacation at the time.

“I know they’re going to blame me for it personally.  I’m in Michigan; I see causation, don’t you? I said, ‘I promise you they’re going to come after me’, and they did!  And my people are like, ‘We’re going to fight!’ and I said, ‘You guys, you’re not feigning this?  You really are worried that the American public is stupid enough to buy the Matt Damon-line on anything?’  We’re winning!  We’re winning on an epic level.  We’re taking over the media and they’re freaking out.  I got Congressman Weiner to apologize to me!  I got Arianna Huffington to apologize to me!”  (applause)  “We’ve got epic victories!”

Being raised in California, Andrew talked about his love/hate relationship with Hollywood.

“It was depressing to exist in Los Angeles and to see my parent’s values…go down the drain.  You knew in Hollywood there was a legacy of patriotism and it sort of went away 40 years ago.  Things that John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart did, it was just a reflexive thing.  Hollywood was created by patriotic Jews quite frankly, to a great extent that gave back to the community and they felt a sense of duty to the country…to produce propaganda for the war effort.”

The first major changes started happening in the 1960’s when Hollywood began making anti-war movies.

“The rest of the country was unified, yet Hollywood was leading the charge to try to dis-unite the country because the left, in a center-right country, needs to community organize.  It needs to use Critical Theory—needs to deconstruct, needs to destroy the American psyche; it needs to destroy ‘e pluribus Unum’.”

Breitbart says another major change in Hollywood happened after 9/11 when liberals began working to break down the unity in America under the guise of being ‘anti-war’.

“I sensed peril.  I sensed that the first people that had courage to fight against the unity that happened after 9/11 was the Hollywood crowd.  And it worked, and it turned the country on a war-time President.  And you can see after-the-fact that they had no antipathy for George W. Bush, it was a means-to-an-end to get the power.  The words that they said were black and white, good and evil.  These ‘non-judgers’ judged Iraq and Afghanistan, pure evil born of evil, yet we’re still there.  Gitmo is still there.  All the things that President Obama said were simply to get him into office and Hollywood led the propaganda campaign for that to happen.  Cindy Sheehan no longer has ‘Camp Casey’ and Susan Sarandon and the Hollywood left are absolutely silent right now. “

“They’re partisans, they’re ideologues, they’re on the left and I said, ‘this is crazy that we never put a fight up in Hollywood.’”

Despite all, Breitbart says changes are definitely happening within the Conservative Hollywood community.

“There are four times more people in this room than there were 7 years ago [when I was last here] and that’s heartening to me.  Everybody probably knows in this room that there are… Conservatives who are fearful of coming out of the closet.  But over the last 6 years, an unprecedented, historic rise of Conservatives in Hollywood is starting to happen as well.”

His main worry is about our economic problems in America.

“I’m not sure if you have $14 trillion worth of debt that we’re going to survive.  Okay, I’m not.  That’s the inner-terrorist in me, that’s fearful that we’re going to spend ourselves into destruction.  So that’s just the selfish, hostage-taking terrorist in me that worries that we can’t pay our bills.  But take that equation away, I am incredibly heartened by what’s happened over the last 20 years.”

Breitbart credits mega-Conservative stars like Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge for changing the news narrative in the U.S.

“Rush pointed out the elephant in the middle of the room, that the majority of this country was being misrepresented by the mainstream media.  The majority, according to Gallop, is a 2-1 ratio of Conservatives to Liberals.  That’s not insignificant.  Yet 99.9% of newscasters or reporters in this country are giving money to the Democratic Party.”

“That was the beginning of this battle, because we accepted the premise of blue-state Manhattan-ites to dictate the national narrative, and Hollywood reflected it in movies, television and music and we just got beaten up.”

He met Matt Drudge in 1995 and knew things were about to change in America.

“At the time I was working at ‘E!’, working on code.  Just working at ‘E!’ is filthy, and this was before it became respectable with ‘The Kardashians’ (laughter).  So [Drudge] putt-putted away in his Honda and I said, ‘that guy is gonna change the world.’  I was so positive after 4 hours of discussing the media and politics with him that he was a visionary and I was right.”

And speaking of changing the world–that is exactly what Andrew Breitbart is doing.  While the left has thousands of weapons in its arsenal, we only have a handful of Media Warriors on our side—and Andrew Breitbart is definitely one of our strongest.

At the end of the meeting, Andrew posed for pictures and spent lots of time personally talking to people (including me) who were clamoring around him.  The main thing I wanted to say to him was ‘thank you’ for the work he’s continuing to do for all of us.  When I told him this, he looked me straight in the eyes, smiled, and simply said, ‘You’re welcome.’  Class act.

*This article originally ran on August 10, 2011

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