Last night I attended a lecture and book signing by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (for her book Scorpions for Breakfast) at the Reagan Library.   During the question and answer segment at the end, I had to say something to her.  This tiny, brave woman is the reason I became politically active and I had to let her know.  I stood up, microphone in hand, and spoke.

Before I show the clip, I want to tell anyone who doesn’t already know my story about how I became the “political activist” I am today—and it’s all because of Governor Jan Brewer.

In early 2008 I was basically a non-political person.  Like all good Conservatives, I was angry that Obama had been elected but didn’t voice my opinions about it because, living in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by liberal friends and family members.  I didn’t want to rock the boat, didn’t want to make any waves.

Secretly I envied some of my very vocal friends on Facebook, like my friend from my Texas high school days, Jan Morgan.  Jan was news journalist on our Texarkana news station and I had always admired her broadcasting abilities.  Now as her Facebook friend, I found a new level of respect for the way she posted links and information about all-things political—while I posted about recipes, movies, TV shows…

But everything changed when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was attacked by the Obama administration for simply trying to enforce her state’s immigration laws.  The hoopla surrounding SB-1079 was beyond ridiculous; it just didn’t make any sense to me.

I read the bill.  I read everything I could find about Governor Brewer and the violence her state was facing due to the illegal alien problems.  I wanted to confront my liberal friends who were constantly accusing Governor Brewer of racism—and then one day, after seeing yet another idiotic (and completely inaccurate) liberal post, I finally spoke up.

I posted the video of Governor Brewer standing next to a sign warning tourists to stay away from sections of Arizona because of the dangerous Mexican drug cartel.

I posted articles about the crime rate in Arizona and all the murders and kidnappings that were a direct result of illegal criminal activity.

I posted news segments in which the brave Governor Brewer practically begged Barack Obama to do his job and protect America’s borders—and saw her not only ignored by the administration but ultimately sued.  This, in my opinion, was treasonous.

I garnered the attention of and started writing for them.  From there, the Reagan Group found me and I was asked to write for Michael Reagan’s  Then, Patriot Update asked me to work for them and here I am today—all because of Governor Jan Brewer.

I lost lots and lots of “real life” friends.  Most of my liberal family members either don’t mention politics around me or they have simply written me out of their lives completely.

As Governor Brewer says, “Doing the right thing often means doing the hard thing.”  I pray for the people who’ve turned their backs on me; I pray that maybe someday I’ll say something that makes sense to them and helps them see the light.

So I am at the Reagan Library, not really asking Governor Brewer a question but rather pouring my heart out to her, letting her know how much I admire her.  I pray everyone someday gets to meet their heroes and is able to let them know they’re important to them.  I’m blessed I got to meet one of mine.