Megyn Kelly won’t apologize to CAIR.
Check it out:

On Tuesday, the host of The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel discussed Honor Diaries, a documentary intended to depict the “systematic, institutionalized misogyny against Muslim women around the world.”

The first segment aired on Monday and drew a demand for an apology from the Council of American-Islamic Relations. Twenty-four hours later, Megyn Kelly told CAIR: “Well, guess what — you’re not getting it.”

She made that remark during another segment discussing the film on Tuesday with two guests: Agnieszka Karoluk, senior communications coordinator for CAIR-Chicago; and human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein, whom Kelly stated “first brought this issue to our attention.”

Kelly began the discussion by stating there’s “a growing backlash tonight over a film that is trying to bring attention to the so-called ‘honor violence’ inflicted on Muslim women around the world.”

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