Charles Colson in the book –The glory of Christmas- wrote “Kings and presidents and prime ministers surround themselves with minions who rush ahead, swing the doors wide, and stand at attention as they wait for the great to pass.  Jesus said that he himself stands at the door and knocks, patiently waiting to enter our lives.”

The concept of a King who serves his subjects while giving them something for free is completely foreign to the ruling class of DC elites.  The DC aristocracy that wants to rule over us just can’t grasp the idea of servant-hood or servant leadership because everything revolves around them. So it is no wonder that we see Christmas being degraded and no champions on Capitol Hill to defend a truly blessed holiday that could benefit all Americans.

Once again we see Christmas under attack as political correctness (PC) reshapes the holiday and its meaning.  Christmas is the holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ.  Yet the Holiday that falls on December 25th has gone from Christmas and Christmas break to celebrating the Holidays or the Holiday season.  When did they change the 25th to Holiday?  PC redefines Christmas as the winter holiday break, family time, great shopping, a good economy stimulator, or winter vacation.  Atheists see this time as a platform of opportunity to stir controversy, insult Christians, and flex their non-God believing muscles by intimidating towns and anyone who wants to celebrate Christmas.

Recent insulting ads in New York and other places state –Who needs Christ during Christmas? Nobody- with the word Christ crossed out.  It is once again fair game to attack a Christian holiday.  Funny that they want to change it to Happy Holidays as the phrase comes from Happy Holi days or Holy days of the season.  Once again it is about God.   Also, why don’t they run the same ad during Ramadan and ask who needs Allah? Because they know it would not only be in bad taste, but some fanatics would probably provoke violence against them.   A friend asked me “if Atheists don’t believe in God, than why should they care what anyone else believes?”  Is it that they really are more dedicated to pushing or forcing their beliefs on everyone?  After all the IRS identifies them as a religious group so if they are pushing their beliefs on us are they violating the separation clause or just freely practicing their religion?

But Christ belongs in Christmas.  After all the very word translated is Christ masse, or Christ mass and the day commemorates the birth of Christ.  And He is the Prince of Peace, as well as free will, which allows atheists to protest and should allow anyone to proclaim Merry Christmas without fear of insult.  Christ’s birth and entry into the world is real hope and promise for all.  Jesus was God’s gift to all mankind, the child who grew up gave all mankind the greatest gift by his sacrificial death on the cross for our sins.  See you can’t have the cradle without the cross.  God’s plan and gift will last for eternity for all who accept it.  His son and His grace are what sets Christianity apart from all other religions, as the God that Christians believe in is alive, unlike all the other dead gods, idols or objects, trying to fill a God sized hole in people’s hearts.  His grace is freely given to all who ask.  It is not a barter, earned position, feeling, experience, or grace that is available only to those with great knowledge.  It is a gift available to everyone, a gift that shows His love for us.

The unseen gift of Christmas is God’s grace poured out on humanity as he sent his son to become one of us, knowing he would die for us.  He appeared to shepherds in the field, not kings or royalty, to assure us that he was available to everyone.  He not only chose the lowly and common to come into the world, but picked an even more interesting band of individuals to start His church.  He can still use anyone today as He is not concerned with our ability, but rather our availability.   We need to heed his angelic messenger that told the shepherds not to be afraid.   I served 23.5 years in uniform and would have willing risked my life for my fellow countryman for their freedom.  As a father I can assure you, no one is important enough for me to sacrifice my son or any child of mine.  If that was what was required of me to save mankind, y’all would be out of luck!

In a world of always and never, always never happens and never always does.  The only always and never you can count on is Jesus when He said I will always be with you even to the end of the age, and I will never leave you nor forsake you.  This is the hope that Christians have as this world is temporary at best and we are all just passing through on our way to eternal glory with God.

My prayer is for all atheists and their families that they would truly have a Merry and blessed Christmas season.  I pray Christians would have the faith of atheists, who can believe as strongly as they do that there is no God with all the evidence around them to say otherwise.  That strong a faith really could move mountains. Maybe even politicians.

So to answer the Atheists question correctly, Who needs Christ during Christmas? Everybody needs Him. Unfortunately not all will accept Him.  The truth is we will all stand before Him when this temporary assignment is complete, whether we believed in Him or not.  So this Christmas as the King of Kings stands at your door and knocks, let Him in, why loose it all when you have everything to gain.  His grace is for you!