Breitbart News reported in April 2013 on declassified Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents that detailed the business relationships between certain U.S. prison gangs and Mexican cartels. At the same time the claim of a secured border falls apart, a disturbing trend has emerged: Mexican cartels recruiting assassins among American teens, prison gangs, and the U.S. military.

The matter should come as no surprise to anyone following the Mexican cartels’ exploitation of the porous and unsecured U.S./Mexico border. Mexican cartels have been sending their own operatives into the U.S. illegally to run operations; they have begun manufacturing their own methamphetamine within American borders; likely cartel victims’ corpses have been dug up from U.S. soil as far north as Oregon; and U.S.-based prison gangs have been found to be operating as domestic foot soldiers and enforcers in the Mexican cartels’ U.S. operations.

Additionally, an alleged Mexican cartel hitman was apprehended by U.S. law enforcement and claimed to have committed over thirty murders in the U.S. for the cartels. A Mexican cartel even sent goons to kidnap a man on U.S. soil, sneak the victim back into Mexico across the Rio Grande River, and then allegedly execute the victim — even after they realized they had kidnapped an innocent man.

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