Liberals in the mainstream media have gone out of their way to portray Michael Brown as an innocent young man abused by a police officer.   He is typically described by the mainstream media as an “unarmed teenager.” Not one media outlet has described Michael Brown as he was on the night he died: an angry, out-of-control, hulk of a man who could rip a police officer’s head off with one hand and who tried to take his gun away from him. They have persistently avoided letting the world see the real Michael Brown—the one who confronted Officer Darren Wilson on that fateful night in Ferguson, Missouri. We probably got some insight into the real Michael Brown when we watched his outspoken step-father inciting arson and looting.

What liberals in the mainstream media did not want the world to know about Michael Brown is that he is a 6’-4” 300 pound bully; a fact he proved to the world on a surveillance videotape that showed him roughing up a comparatively tiny convenience store owner he had just robbed. We now know he also tried to rough up Darren Wilson, a sworn police officer who was in uniform and sitting in a police car when the two first came in contact with each other. In fact, we now know he tried to wrest Wilson’s gun away from him and turn it on the officer. So much for the “unarmed teenager” theory.

Nobody makes more noise about bullying than liberals. I can no longer even count the number of anti-bullying campaigns that have been implemented across the country, many of them financed with federal grants. There is even an annual Anti-Bullying Summit that attracts hundreds of experts every year. This year’s event was held in Washington, D.C. Further, a total of 47 states have now passed anti-bullying legislation. Yet with all of this attention on eliminating bullying, liberals in the mainstream media are willing to look the other way when the bully in question is an angry young black man big enough to be an NFL lineman.

Now that the testimony examined by the grand jury is has been made public, a much different picture of Michael Brown than the one portrayed by the mainstream media has emerged. According to Officer Darren Wilson, Michael Brown had the “crazy” look of a “demon” when he charged the car Wilson was sitting in. Wilson told detectives who interviewed him that Brown “…turned, looked at me, made a grunting noise and had the most intense aggressive face I’ve ever seen on a person.” Wilson went on to describe the Michael Brown who rushed his police car as “very aggressive.”

Officer Wilson was convinced that Michael Brown was going to kill him. When Officer Wilson tried to get out of his police car to talk to Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, Brown prevented him from opening the driver’s side door, reached through the open window and started pummeling him with his fists. According to Wilson, Brown hit him more than ten times in the face, neck, and shoulders. When the officer told Brown to stop or he would shoot, Brown tried to wrest the officer’s pistol away and shoot him. None of this is the description of an innocent “unarmed teenager”—the Michael Brown portrayed by liberal media outlets—but it is a pretty good description of an out-of-control bully.

Liberals are always trying to have it both ways. On one hand they decry the spate of bullying incidents that have occurred in recent years, incidents that have in some cases led to suicides by the bullyied victims. On the other hand, when the bully happens to be black, they sing a different tune. Liberals become especially indignant when the intended victim of a black bully happens to be armed and uses a gun to protect himself, as in the cases of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

Liberals simply cannot bring themselves to see beyond skin color. Hence, they have become racialists. A racialist is not necessarily a racist. Rather he is an individual who no matter what the issue in question might be thinks the only possible explanation for it is racism. For a racialist, every problem in the black community is the result of discrimination. If black Americans lag behind the other races on common economic indicators, the reason must be racism. If Black students drop out of high school in higher numbers than other students, the reason must be racism. In fact, I am surprised that liberals have not yet blamed climate change on racism, but then give them time.

In examining the plight of poor black Americans, a racialist would never even consider such factors as fatherless families, drugs, violence, and crime—all factors that are matters of choice. When a black man fathers a child but refuses to help raise it, he is making a conscious choice—a choice that has nothing to do with racism. When black kids drop out of school and enter a life of drugs, violence, and gangs they are making a conscious choice—a choice that has nothing to do with racism. When Michael Brown decided to become a 300 pound bully, he made a conscious choice—one that had nothing to do with racism.

Liberals like to claim they want to help poor black Americans, but their actions belie their words. You do not help someone by giving him an excuse for failure or by looking the other way when he engages in destructive behavior. The best way to help someone who needs to turn his life around is to tell him to stop blaming his problems on others and start taking personal responsibility for his decisions, actions, behavior, and life. Bill Cosby has a unique way of making this point with young black Americans. He tells them their problems are not caused by what others are doing, rather they are caused by what they themselves are not doing. His message is clear: stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for your life.

It is truly a shame that nobody took the time to sit Michael Brown down and give him the advice that Bill Cosby has given to so many other black youths. Somewhere along the line Michael Brown got the idea that because he was big, he could just bully his way through life. It worked when his victims were undersized storekeepers, but it went terribly awry when he tried to bully an armed police officer. Michael Brown made a series of bad decisions and those bad decisions led to his death. Any fool would know what is going to happen when you attack a police officer and try to take his gun away from him.

Michael Brown’s parents are still trying to blame the police officer, racism, and life in general for their son’s death. But the hard truth is that there is one person who is primarily responsible for Michael Brown’s death, and that person is Michael Brown. His parents are also responsible—not primarily but at least tangentially. Surely they knew their son was going down the wrong path in life. If they knew this and did nothing about it, they are complicit in his death. If they didn’t know, they are even more complicit. Liberals in the news media should be broadcasting this message to other parents rather than indulging their racialist tendencies. If they would do this rather than trying to boost ratings by stirring up anger, frustration, and resentment, they might just save a life.