Michael Moore is going through a divorce and I don’t wish that on anyone – especially a common, everyday homeowner like him.. Nine homes, according to divorce records.

This brave defender-of-the-poor, crusading against the rich and powerful 1%’ers and shining light on the evils of Capitalism and Republicans who keep everybody down with their nasty profits. He who boldly speaks out for the little guy from under his ball cap is now asking that people give him some privacy through these difficult times…

michael-moore-supports-occupy-wall-street__oPtNormally I wouldn’t pile on anyone going through a breakup for whatever reason, but what a load of Shiite this rich, elitist, hypocrite is?

If he didn’t spend his career spewing anti-American propaganda I’d probably leave him alone too; but tough titties, friendo – it’s your turn in the barrel.

Moore is a vilifier, maligner and outright bullshit artist of towering magnitude and it would be easy to point out a dozen samplings, but let me just give you the quintessential example: I’ll never forget seeing Moore in a television interview, stating unequivocally that he was not a Capitalist.

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