OK, so I’m a geezer. I still love the old Beatles songs. Since it is obvious that I have conservative leanings, I will admit that my favorite is “Yesterday”. I remember and love the old days when Americans were free and didn’t have to carry the weight of a government gone “Super-Size”. I still think we can tame government and get a lot of that freedom back. That is why I spend so many hours in front of my computer.

I watch and read a lot of news from a lot of different sources every day. As I see various things in the news some times I hear a little bell going off in my head. That bell going off is a reminder that I have heard that song before. Lately, the song that I think of is another old Beatles favorite, “Michelle Ma Belle”.

Now, to be completely honest, this is not the first time that I have heard this song. Some months ago I noticed a particular Michelle was being more out front than usual. She was out there sowing seed the back forty at the White House farm and reaping the harvest. Feeling like pulling on Superman’s cape that day I suggested in my blog that that maybe the start of a Michelle in 2016 campaign. Later that day, very much to my surprise, someone from the White House made a statement that Michelle had no presidential aspirations. That had to be a coincidence. Right?

Not that I want to stir thing up, but it seems to me that Michelle is getting out even more lately. I see her on TV all the time. She’s always schmoozing with schmoozers or dancing like a sixteen year old or presenting awards to famous people that she considers close friends or annoying children about their food or telling everyone how they should live their lives. She is even getting her second Vogue cover. Not to shabby.

That is an awful lot of camera time for someone without a target in life. Frankly, I see two options here. Either she is priming the political pump or setting up for a career in show biz. My money is on politics. I mean, once you have lived in the White House, just about everyplace else is Motel Six.

Consider this, she and her husband are still well loved by a huge segment of the population. She probably out polls him. Her main competition would be Hillary. The president sort of nudged her under the bus on the Benghazi debacle. She came off as shrewish and divisive under Congressional questioning. Look at the two women together and while Michelle comes off looking young and strong, Hillary look old and tired.

Besides that, I don’t think Barack wants to move. I think he would really love to stay exactly where he is. There are only two ways that that can happen right now. Putting Michelle in charge of what he thinks is the family business is the easiest way.

Here is another question to ponder. Since Barack has been President, does that preclude him from being Vice President? Sort of like that Putin – Medvedev thing they have going on in Russia. Now there is an interesting prospect.

But here we are. We used to forge ahead in our “ship of state”. Now it seems we just float around in our ark of state looking for our own Mount Ararat. So much of what is written today is deep and serious. That is as it should be. These are deep and serious times. But I thought it would be fun to throw a little light speculation into the mix.