Liberals are allowed to be sexist and racist.
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First Lady Michelle Obama shared some thoughts about women versus men during a conversation with former First Lady Laura Bush at the U.S Africa Leaders Summit in Washington D.C.

Obama explained that as First Lady it was important to remember to use the position to highlight their personal interests.

“We can’t waste this spotlight, it is temporary and life is short and change is needed and women are smarter than men. And the men can’t complain because you’re outnumbered today,” she said as the audience laughed.

Obama cited Laura Bush as a First Lady that acted with a level of “grace and kindness and compassion.”

“You come to this with a temperament,” she said. “Some people are shy and never want the limelight other people are much more outgoing, and may be a bit more aggressive and able to withstand the heat of the spotlight that shines on us.”

The First Lady said that she was aware of all the criticisms that came with the office.

“It’s not about amassing power, it’s taking some of those hits and continuing to do the work even when it’s painful and sometimes unappreciated,” she said.

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