They don’t need to be restricted in the amount of food they eat, they need to be eating more healthy food. Kids have always been picky with what they eat, so as adults, we need to provide more options for them to eat that will be both satisfying and nutritious to them.

We all know that the First Lady has changed the school lunch program for schools across the nation, making them much less filling for students. The repercussions for the healthy lunch push from the Michelle Obama have been felt across the nation, and an upstate New York school is speaking out about how this program has affected them.

Canton Central School District has recently voiced their concerns regarding the new National School Lunch Program. They merely explain how much food they throw away, including the amount of food the students throw away themselves.

“We throw away a ton of food,” Food Service Director Ella Mae “Bluejay” Fenlong stated, according to Watertown Daily Times. “If we cut up 20 pounds of cucumbers, we guess that 17 pounds get thrown away. I’ve watched kids take their cup of vegetables or fruit they’re required to take and just throw it away.”

As EAG News reported, that’s a staggering 85 percent going right into the trash, but throwing out 85 percent of their food isn’t the only issue. The amount of students participating in Canton’s lunch program has declined about 11 percent in one year.

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