Opening up news items on any given morning is calculated to
send shock waves through the remainder of the day.
Ruminating over the rapid decline of this once great nation
and seeing little ahead that gives encouragement is enough to
ruin anyone’s day.  In the past two months I have witnessed
the funerals of three wonderful people and been involved in
my own incredible wife’s passing after 60 years of her total
love, faithfulness and compassion.  In all this I look to
history to give meaning to life – and to one, in particular,
who gave life meaning; Christ Jesus, Savior of mankind.
Beyond His sacrifice for the sins of all mankind – mine
especially – He offered forgiveness, compassion, eternal
life, love and comfort, that those who don’t know Him, are
missing the essential ingredient of fulfillment.

King David, in Psalms 5, gives us a picture of a just and
loving God who hates evil and evildoers, wickedness,
arrogance and liars, but to those who love Him, an invitation
to enter His presence and dine at His table.  Here is also a
picture of the prodigal son who insisted in his inheritance
to go out into the world and party and squander his very life
in debauchery, only to be welcomed “back home” by a loving
father who accepted his repentance and restored him to the
family.  We are all prodigal sons, some see their errors and
others continue to their eternal damnation without ever
giving a thought to how much our Savior sacrificed to give
each of us a “second chance.”  How depressing.

David ends this chapter with: “For you, O Lord, will bless
the righteous; You will hedge him round with favor as with a
shield.”  Comforting, don’t you think?  Ending a 60 year
relationship with one most precious to you can appear as a
desolate field, barren and unplowed – but, in reality, is
only awaiting the farmer to revitalize, replant and nourish
to, once again, a beautiful, productive landscape of
abundance.  God has to be a farmer!  He knows life begins
with a seed, firmly planted, but must be watered and tended
to maturity.  Can we do that?

America has strayed drastically from a reliance on God, to a
mistaken belief that they can do it themselves; they are all
powerful; they sneer at those who “trust in their guns and
their Bibles;” and mock those who seek truth and justice.
The results are evident throughout this country:
uncontrollable crime on Chicago’s streets; black mobs roaming
the streets of practically every large (or even moderate)
city in America; the growing sentiment that anyone they work
for owes them the pill so they can fornicate with impunity;
open borders to one and all who disdain their own country’s
lawlessness but begin by reshaping this in like manner.
But rehashing the sins of this country’s leaders (and followers)
is not uplifting and leads to pessimism in the worst way.

As the world spins around us, let us take a moment to
reevaluate our relationship to one another; to our
neighborhood, our city, our civic duty, and realize that we
can’t continue to rely on “Mikey can do it!”  We can look to
the Heritage Foundation,, Alliance Defending
Freedom, American Family Association, the Holy Bible, Judicial
Watch and many other sites for truthful information
concerning life, politics and government so we don’t need to
wander about blindly.  Take advantage of these resources and
let’s be better informed to be better citizens.  Maybe if
enough will open their eyes, we can actually become,
“one nation, under God.”