This is an update to my article posted on September 20th. Major news outlets had previously reported that Chick-Fil-A had caved in to Chicago politicians and special interest groups over the issue of same-sex marriage.


According to reports the Christian company had changed their position and were going to cease funding to groups that opposed same-sex marriage. Some of those reported to lose support were Focus on the Family and National Organization for Marriage. Apparently the media didn’t vet its sources very well. The story has proved false.


Mick Huckabee had a conversation with Chick-Fil-As’s CEO, Dan Cathy. Here is what Huckabee reported:


“I talked earlier today personally with Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick Fil-A about the new reports that Chick Fil-A had capitulated to demands of the supporters of same sex marriage. This is not true. The company continues to focus on the fair treatment of all of its customers and employees, but to end confusion gave me this statement:

“There continues to be erroneous implications in the media that Chick-fil-A changed our practices and priorities in order to obtain permission for a new restaurant in Chicago. That is incorrect. Chick-fil-A made no such concessions, and we remain true to who we are and who we have been.”


Personally, I am very relieved to learn the true story of what occurred or rather what didn’t occur over the Chicago conflict between Chick-Fil-A and Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno.


The media has proved once again that it cannot be trusted. I could understand this story being carried in some of the tabloids but not in the Washington Post, USA Today, and other major newspapers. It seems that the mainstream press in America roams to and fro seeking some Christian organization or company to devour. I wonder how it would have played out if this had been a Muslim company. Ummmmmm.


I do believe on Chick-Fil-A’s part it erred when it waited too long to officially and clearly squash the story. This left the waters muddy longer than they should have been and created a lot of confusion. I don’t know why the delay, but they have now clearly responded and Chick-Fil-A is now totally exonerated.