If you would like to get a preview of where America is headed concerning the slow but steady erosion of religious freedom, just take a good look at what is happening in the military.  The American military has long been a petri dish for social activists in Congress and the White House.  On occasion this has been a good thing as it was when President Harry Truman finally desegregated the military services.  But for the most part using the military for social engineering has been a bad thing.  Take for example the effort now underway to coerce servicemen and women to accept open homosexuality regardless of their personal values or religious beliefs.  An even worse case is the jihad on religious freedom that is actively underway and making progress.

There is mounting evidence of systematic hostility toward Christianity among military officers and NCOs.  The Family Research Council has documented some of the more egregious examples of military leaders attacking the religious freedom of Christians in uniform. A few of them are cited in this column. An Army Master Sergeant was punished by his superiors for the unpardonable offense of serving Chick-fl-A sandwiches at his promotion party.  It wasn’t that the bone-headed Army officers who meted out the punishment did not like chicken sandwiches.  It’s that they don’t like the religious worldview of the owners of the Chick-fil-A organization.  For having the audacity to serve Chick-fil-A sandwiches—one of the most popular fast food items in America—the newly-minted Master Sergeant was investigated, reprimanded, and given a bad efficiency report.  The bad efficiency report probably means that this dedicated, loyal, and effective NCO has seen his last promotion.

According to the Family Research Council, a painting containing a Scriptural verse was removed from the mess hall of an Air Force Base in Idaho after one—just one—airman complained.  An Air Force officer was told to remove a Bible from his desk.  His superiors were concerned that it might look as if he were “condoning a particular religion.” Airmen were told they could express their religious beliefs, but only as long as their beliefs did not make anyone “uncomfortable.”  What all of these cases have in common is that the offending religion is Christianity.

If the painting in the mess hall at that Air Force Base in Idaho had contained a quote from the Dali Lama, no Air Force officer would have dared remove it.  If the Air Force officer with a Bible on his desk had instead displayed a copy of the Koran, his superiors would not have dared challenge him for “condoning a particular religion.”  If the Airmen who were cautioned not to make others “uncomfortable” had been espousing Islam, no officer would have dared challenge them.  What frightens these cowards dressed up as Air Force officers is not religion, it is Christianity.  If Christians were as demanding, vocal, and violent as Muslims, these weak-kneed Air Force officers would stop harassing them and stop trying to take away their religious freedom.  Christians are easy targets because their religion does not condone blowing up people who question Christianity or committing “acts of workplace violence” in the name of Jesus.

One of the chief architects of the military’s war on Christianity is Mikey Weinstein, head of the grossly misnamed Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  Weinstein has become a constant thorn in the side of the military brass.  According to The Washington Times, “Mr. Weinstein has the Pentagon on his speed-dial, making it easy to call a general every time he sees a soldier making the sign of the cross or appearing on the verge of silent prayer.”  What is interesting about all of these attacks on religious liberty in the military is what the record and common sense suggest they will eventually lead to.  The most effective, most renowned military leaders in America’s history were Christians to varying degrees.  Yes, they ranged from nominal to dedicated and from lukewarm to pious, but for the most part they were Christians.  Check the record.

If the attacks on religious freedom in the military continue unabated—which is likely in a country increasingly controlled by secular humanists—the American military of the future will be nothing more than a small and impotent club of like-minded atheists and homosexuals.  When this happens, the only members of the American military who will volunteer for combat will be women looking to punch their ticket for the next promotion.  No wonder the Chinese have adopted a wait-and-be-patient strategy for gaining military superiority over the United States.  If things continue in the direction they are now headed, the Chinese will one day be able to overpower our military using nothing more than firecrackers.