The landowners of Houston County, Minnesota, a small county in the southeast corner of the state, decided, over five years ago, that they were going to reclaim their property rights and their “pursuit of happiness.”

Today, they are still fighting for those very freedoms.

On the surface, the issue lies with an “updated Land Use Plan.” With additional amendments being proposed for adoption, many of the affected landowners started getting involved in their local government.

In 2006, they started attending the public hearings and County Commissioner’s meetings. “From the beginning, we experienced being ignored and belittled,” says a troubled landowner.

“We were told to sit down, to be quiet, and not to speak about our Constitution.”

“At some meetings, we are told not to talk about the Constitution and the protection it guarantees to US citizens,” claims the landowners spearheading this revolution.

On March 13, 2008, at a planning board meeting, this group continued to bring up the Constitution, freedom, and rights. “The board members would bristle in anger,” says the group.

Finally, Curren went to the podium and asked the commissioners if they “knew what they swore to uphold when they took their oath of office.” No one answered. After repeating the question several times, the board replied the same- with silence.

Soon after, a conversation was had between some landowners, Curren, and one of the commissioners.

“I know we’ve sworn to uphold the Constitution but it is an old document; times have changed,” stated Commissioner Tom Bjerke.

Surrounded by many landowners as witnesses, Bjerke continued on to say, “Quit bringing up the Constitution.”

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