The FBI was shocked to be interrupted in their interrogation of only 16 hrs. with the Bomber suspect. The FBI is an arm of the Justice Department, and they report they never got the message.

The FBI was not only guarding the hospital with who came in and out they were conducting a serious interrogation of a cooperative suspect. All reports say they had gleaned information of what the two brothers had on their calendar next. What he said matched up with what the man (Danny) whom the brothers’ car jacked said about going to NYC Times Square. They had six bombs and one pressure cooker style like they used in Boston.

Even though the White House stated that the alerts from Canada about a fouled terror attack on NYC’s rail train were unrelated to Boston’s Bombing, this information now seems to disagree with the White House thoughts. If the two brothers hadn’t been apprehended Friday evening then they would have been on the road to NYC.

Maybe they were to get their marching orders there. We will never know because as soon as the little brother could speak, Too Fast and Furious, Attorney General Eric Holder silenced him. Although the messenger was the State Attorney General William Winerep, we all know that a decision of this magnitude to mirandize a Terror Suspect had to come from the top. This would have been above his pay grade.

A Magistrate and two attorneys: Assistant U.S. Attorney and The Public Defender show up bedside to read off the suspect’s Miranda Rights and STOP everything!
The FBI was supposed to have had 48 hrs. to show him pictures, ask him why this and why that spot? Who set the second bomb? All pictures show the two brothers together at the spot of the first bomb and then w/out their backpacks fleeing.

The FBI didn’t care if the information would not be allowed in court they had enough incriminating evidence, practically the whole U.S. as I- witnesses with pictures to put him away for life.

What they really wanted from him was information on the “brains” of who put this plan in motion, and what was going to go on in NYC and where after that? Where did they get their training?

Numerous questions like this would give us some valuable insight of how to protect ourselves from savages like this the next time. We know it’s going to happen again—we are at war. Although our President doesn’t seem to want to admit it, his denial should not be a security blanket to U.S. citizens. Terrorists have claimed jihad on us and have brought the battle field home.

Part of this denial is that our President can’t seem to identify the enemy. This is why they decided to mirandize Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The Attorney General, Eric Holder, shut down the debate over the meaning of Enemy Combative so we could no longer interrogate him without an attorney. This means that the suspect now has bargaining chips to negotiate a lighter sentence through his Attorney. In 2009 President Obama changed the term of Enemy Combative to Unprivileged Belligerent. I definitely agree that this young man is Belligerent but now that definition changes how the law works.

Mr. Obama should see the definition of the war on terror as too broad a notion, The war on Al Quaeda as to narrow. Let’s join together and agree to identify the terrorists with how the media across Europe (British, France, Germany) and the Arab world call themselves, their movement, is Islamist Jihadist. “In the Arab world where most people are Muslim there is no conflict there of naming the enemy or its threat with its technical name “ Jihadist” states Walid Phares”, Author : The Confrontation. Take a page from his book.

To begin a long exploration over why some Muslims hate us is fruitless, and diverts our attention from what we should be looking at: How did this happen, which security mechanism failed, Who dropped the ball, and how do we prevent it from happening again?

Unfortunately, the FBI was shut down from getting this vital information. Luckily the suspects were apprehended before they could continue on their terror rampage in New York City’s Times Square. I say to Eric Holder, I hope we will be as lucky next time!