There are undeniable signs throughout nature that send
signals to anyone who can see that “something happened
or will happen here.”  Like a squiggly line in the sand of
the desert that doesn’t point to a camel … but very
probably a venomous viper.  Not a pleasant sight.
Approaching dark clouds that may indicate an imminent storm.
Closer to home, possibly a budget-busting Congress that
cannot comprehend tomorrow.  And military oversight that has
no one at the helm.

In the past very recent years we have seen the most inept
and delinquent Administration and Congress that should all
be fired and imprisoned.  That is, all but a very few.  On
the budget, they’re Awol; on immigration, they’re Awol and
on control of taxpayers’ money they rank below the used-car
salesman.  Pardon me, salesman, you’re better than that!

When I write to my Democrat representative and Democrat
senators, all I receive back is the usual evasion of the
subject but instead, “Oh, look at all the things I am
doing.”  Wow, how impressed I am!  My question is: how are
you involved in the process?  How are you advancing some
sanity into the legislation?  Are you attempting alliances
with others who may be open to possible answers to the
problems or just “hanging out with like idiots?”  Is there a
point in your “representation” where “character counts”
kicks in?  I don’t see it very clearly, sorry.

Tom McClintock is a modern-day William Proxmire.  His recent
speech to a group of 10,000 Independence Day celebrants
concerning the politics of the day, indicated so much of
what’s wrong in Washington.  Here is a man intently
concerned in the direction of this country and the
squandering of our resources to the point of desperation.
At one point he mentioned the idiotic purchase by the Navy
of 450,000 gallons of biofuel for $26.00 per gallon and $150
per gallon for jet fuel, to placate the “Green fleet” folks.
Honestly, the bloated military budget could be reduced by
50% and still meet strategic goals and this yardstick could
be used by most, if not all, of government.  Is there no

Consider the “mandated” requirement of the installation of
the 10 acre solar array at Norfolk for $21 million that will
pay for itself in … ready for this?  447 years!  To add to
the complete idiocy is the intent of the Pentagon to
purchase 1500 Chevy Volts at $40,000 per.  I mean, this is
totally beyond comprehension.  This is a vehicle that can’t
even compare to the first Model T.  Drive it 50 miles and
it’s dead.  DEAD.  The list goes on … and is endless.  The
theme plays out that “anything will pass,” as long at it’s
“green,” or liberal or curtails more liberty of the masses;
taxes him more; controls him more, and gives him less.

Next budget year, if the House doesn’t cut the military
budget by at least 50%, they are not doing their job; in
fact, they are complicit in the worst scheme since Bernie
Madoff.  In fact, if Bernie were in charge, even he would do
a better job.  Open prison doors and invite him in to the
“clan.”  I think his motto was: “Bilk all the people and
make them love it.”  Nice job, Bernie.  There’s a job
waiting for you when you get out.