It comes as no surprise that the media intentionally misses the point since they are an Obama cheering section.  No matter what the reality is they always spin the truth in his favor.  What is frustrating is that Vladimir Putin not only made several valid points in his NY times Op-ed , but he served up a great opportunity for the GOP to highlight the failed policies of the Obama administration.  Putin is correct when he states that a American missile or drone attack in Syria would have a high toll in collateral damage against woman and children (the ones we are trying to protect), that it could set the Middle East ablaze, and that it is a clear violation of international law as we are not defending ourselves or carrying out a UN mandate.

The GOP has completely missed the point of this scolding by Putin as he assumes the role of hegemon due to the vacuum created by the Obama administration’s failed foreign policies.  Instead they bit on the media’s distraction of insulting American exceptionalism.   It is amazing since multiple conservative talk show hosts have touted American exceptionalism for years while the media as well as the Democratic Party have been silent regarding it.  The only time Obama has been in the conversation has been to attack American exceptionalism.  Instead, he claims that people who work hard and sacrifice make too much money or didn’t do it on their own. He sees people who stand up for what made our country great as racists, or those who love this country as religious fanatics clinging to guns and religion.

The left has always viewed American exceptionalism with disdain as opposed to seeing it as something good. It is interesting that when the chips are down and the Obama cow chips are flying, all of a sudden he wants to cite American exceptionalism.    The fact that Putin even made a remark challenging it shows that even an old communist recognizes it.  To deny American exceptionalism would be like a white guy saying he wasn’t white or a black guy saying he wasn’t black or an Asian guy saying he wasn’t Asian. There are some things that you just can’t deny because they are that obvious.  The story that everyone is missing however is the fact that 10 years ago the president of the United States went to war with a coalition of over 30 nations and the approval of Congress, twice.  The United Sates was respected as the world’s only super power and as an international leader. There was no arguing about it.

What Obama has managed to do in five short years is destroy the credibility of America slowly and methodically to the point that the United States foreign policies are no longer respected.  There is nothing exceptional about the unexceptional foreign policy that this administration has shown.  It is a bad joke but no one is laughing other than in the face of our president and Secretary of State.  I believe Mr. Putin’s message was that there is nothing exceptional about this president other than the fact that he will bow down and show weakness to all international leaders.  There is nothing exceptional about this community organizer or his desire to kill Americans by abortion, genocide in the black community, or infant murder after botched abortions.  There is nothing exceptional about run-away budgets, no fiscal responsibility and hiring tax cheats and crooks to be your advisors.  There is nothing exceptional about applauding perversion, crippling the military by making it a social science lab and forcing acceptance of perversion on anyone who disagrees with a life style that defies nature.  There is nothing exceptional about cozying up to terrorists while demonizing our own valiant soldiers who risk their lives to defend our freedom.  There is nothing exceptional about sabotaging America’s own ability to be energy independent, and making our country a slave to nations that hate us.  There is nothing exceptional about encouraging people to be totally dependent on the government when they have the ability and talent to support themselves, and chart their own future if given the incentive and opportunity.  There is nothing exceptional about so much government regulation that even the government officials who are supposed to be enforcing the rules don’t know them.  There is nothing exceptional about leadership that is supposed to be serving the American people but instead serves only an entitled aristocracy living off the success of the exceptional Americans they demonize.  The list could go on, but the point is that there is nothing exceptional about Obama as a world leader. So if you are looking for an example of American Exceptionalism, it isn’t him. The only thing exceptional about him is his exceptional incompetence.


So as everyone gets on the America is Exceptional band wagon, they need to step back and realize that some things are so obvious they don’t need to be defended to those who try to discredit them.  They also need to realize that if Putin’s op-ed implied that we are suffering from feckless, lackluster, clueless leadership, that regularly practices buffoonery in the international community, he was right.  If he thinks this, other leaders do to.  Obama is not respected at home or abroad, in part because he has no respect for the country he represents.  This is evidenced by his look-at-me arrogance and the fact that his own party is afraid to tell the emperor he has no clothes on.    Ed Asner had it right when he commented that no one will correct or disagree with him as they do not want to be called a racist.  Vladimir Putin has called him and our country out and unless we correct things by holding our leaders accountable, we might not be recognized by anyone in the world community for the exceptional nation we have been and can be again.