Mitt Romney is campaigning today in New Hampshire with yet another potential vice presidential running mate.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee will be joined by US Senator Kelly Ayotte as he makes an appearance just before 11 a.m. at the Portsmouth Fish Pier in Portsmouth, N.H.

In some senses, the union is natural: Ayotte is the highest-ranking Republican figure in the state, and people in that position often serve as host when another high-ranking Republican visits.

But New Hampshire is also a swing state in this fall’s general election, and Ayotte is thought to be among those Romney will consider for his ticket against President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

The first-term senator could bring gender balance, as well as a law-and-order pedigree given her background as a former state attorney general and prosecutor. Her husband, Joseph Daley, is also a retired military pilot who flew combat missions in Iraq.

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