Last election, of all the candidates the GOP picked the moderate guy, Romney. I don’t mind Romney, but he’s a big moderate. In spite of that the moderates didn’t swing his way. I heard some of the most sorry excuses… Well actually no excuses. Whereas GOP members were accused of using scare tactics. I could explain my points to a set of moderates and they responded with “I don’t know why but Mitt scares me, so I am voting for Obama.” They understood what I was saying and couldn’t really adequately combat the factual nature of it. That was seriously their responses. Most of them didn’t watch the debates and in all honesty people who consider themselves to be moderates usually are playing off of opinions cultivated while watching very liberal shows on Comedy Central and MTV.

The standards and views of the Tea Party tend to click well with what’s reality, a part of this is the level of research they commit themselves to and open mindedness of the group. People will inevitably end up whining about the Tea Party’s values because of a sensitivity doctrine that is passed around.

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