In the early days of post-Soviet rule, thousands of schools
in Russia had no heat, no books and no pencils. Teachers got no
pay – only promises. And they still taught! To see young school
students bundled up against the cold, wearing mittens in the
classrooms was, pardon the pun, chilling. But they were being
taught, and they were learning the essentials required for their

There is a very old cliche that says “necessity is the
mother of invention.” That is, if nothing else, the bottom line
in post Soviet Russia. In visiting cities all across that vast
country over past decades, I can’t help but compare the entire
educational system of our two countries. Barrels of money are
being spent in the United States on endless rat holes that really
have nothing to do with “education.” Social issues seem to have
replaced “learning” subjects that actually prepare students for
the future. Sexuality has surpassed the three R’s. And a little
of that goes a long way. In Russia, they found ways to educate
without the continuing cascade of money thrown their way. It was
actually a goal to see students grasp education, no matter the

Much has changed over the past twenty years, but the
difference between our systems has not. Teachers’ unions, pay
and perqs are worlds apart from our “system.” Unless our schools
subscribe to the bullying, equality, diversity and sex-education
“curriculum,” they’re “bullied” into it. Efforts along those
lines take precedence over “learning.” Insanity rules our days.
Education as well as industry has been infiltrated by those who
despise traditional values and are backed by endless streams of
money and increasing power. And how do they get that power? By
bullying, of course. They are aided by those wolves in sheep’s
clothing who are elected to office and pass ridiculous laws
forcing schools to accept more and more homosexual
indoctrination. Liberal, left-leaning raucous voices have out-
shouted the traditionalists and are putting their depraved stamps
on schools throughout the country. Children are being
corrupted…and the hordes of young people who are confused
concerning normal life in a normal world are going back into the
classrooms to corrupt even more. But there is light at the end
of the tunnel.

Organizations and schools such as Campus Crusade, Navigators,
Young America’s Foundation, The Tea Party, Hillsdale College, The
Leadership Institute, The Heritage Foundation, Faith and Freedom
Coalition and Americans Defending Freedom are leading the way in
giving these future leaders a solid foundation in what is so
desperately needed for the future of our great country.
Supporting these organizations will go a long way toward the
revitalization of the country we all love. Those who really care
about the society of the future are encouraged to look into any
of these groups and give any support possible. Here will be
money well spent. I’m reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s famous
lines at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence: “When
in the course of human events…” it becomes necessary to
confront the evil crouching ever so much closer. Who, if not
you? When, if not now? Our children need you; our schools need
you; our society needs you. And our traditional families need
to be reminded that they are the only true and lasting foundation
of this country.