Present day news seems to be getting uglier by the day. Or am
I just getting old? Certainly psychologists and psychiatrists
are having wrenching details to deal with these past months
and days. When we think the human mind can’t descend any
lower, we’re confronted with another “Ariel Castro.” By now
most people have forgotten the monster a few decades ago who
actually skinned his victims. And, of course, Hitler did all
he could to dehumanize his victims. But Castro is “now,” and
we have to deal with another vile turn of evil.

Whatever comes of this nightmare will surely leave mental
scars even on those who only hear about these three brothers.
To even think about the living Hell that these young women
endured, is enough to stamp indelible images in our minds that
won’t easily let go. What prompts a person to sink so low as
to treat another person with such utter brutality and insane
wickedness? And what should the penalty be for such deep,
deep sadism? I suggest that the penalty should be left up to
those who have been brutalized – not to a jury; not to a
judge, but to the victims. Whatever they can conceive, let it
be done. Write a new law – it’s being done all the time. If
we can throw the Ten Commandments out of the courtrooms and
the Bible out of all the schools, we can also throw the
monsters at the mercy of their victims.

I have been disturbed by other gross violations of humans in
the past, but this heinous crime seems to surpass even the
worst in my memory. God’s Word says that “there are none
righteous, no, not one.” I understand that. We are by nature
less than we should be; As the Apostle Paul said, “For the
good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not,
that I do.” I can echo that; but I also believe that if ever
I am found to be of such contemptible human waste, I should
not be surprised to have my days violently shortened.

There are factors here that are very disturbing: first of all,
at least after the third young woman went missing – all in the
same neighborhood, I believe it would have been possible for
the law to issue search warrants for every house in the
suspected areas of their disappearance. This could have been
done quickly and with little disruption of any family. It
could have been done very discretely and at the very least,
eliminated many possibilities, and at best, set the captives
free. Hindsight, possibly? When three young women disappear,
saving them from this worse than Hell would have been well
worth the effort.

The other factor is this: the disappearance of these three
should have been on the minds of those whom we look to to
search for the missing. When police were called to that
house, they could just as easily have attained a search
warrant beforehand. And when someone said he saw a young
woman holding a baby, beating on the window; and another that
saw naked women crawling on all fours in the yard…if this
doesn’t send an SOS, there is no light upstairs! Of this, I
am thoroughly convinced: for these women to ever lead even a
modicum of normalcy, it will only be by God’s grace. May He
be ever present in their lives and dull the nightmares that
will surely plague them forever.