T’was the month before Christmas last year that I wrote

Of handouts, corruption and government bloat.

Our President, Cabinet and Congress too,

Still putting the screws to me and to you.


Shrill and angry Progressive voices,

The government wants to control our choices,

They’re smarter than you and smarter than me,

They know what is best for us, just wait and see.


They want all our guns to just disappear,

Except for their own should we get too near.

But they’ll fight for abortions, no ifs, buts or maybe’s

You’ll still have the “right” to kill unborn babies.


Christians don’t seem to be faring too well,

As around the world they get treated like hell.

Beheadings and torture, imprisonment too,

God help you my friend, should you be a Jew.


Now more than ever the atheists cry,

They hate all religion, I can’t see why.

It’s like somehow it hurts them but how I can’t see,

I guess they’ve not heard of MYOB.

Now Madalyn Murray O’Hair, oh my!

On Bill Nye and Bill Maher, Now AAI!

Here’s my description of all of you,

Elitist, righteous, intolerant too.


Then there’s Obama and the ACA,

A Progressive’s dream for the USA.

Federal run healthcare throughout the Nation,

And the Feds having all of our health information.


Now what do you guess they will do with that?

They’ll use it on us, like a baseball bat.

The IPAB will say what care we will get,

If you’re old then good luck, you’ll get little, I’ll bet.


And what about keeping your doctor and plan,

A lie they all told before this began.

Millions now find their current plans lost,

The Obama replacement is three times the cost.


There’s “Common Core” for a new education,

Herd in your kids for their indoctrination.

Redistribution and “greater good”

There’s no place left for personhood.


They’ll be taught there is nothing they can create,

Without the help of a nanny State.

In the end it don’t matter, the State’s gonna take,

What they deem is theirs out of what you make.


Thanks to Obama there won’t be a boom

In the gas and oil industry anytime soon.

Yet he seems to have lots of our money to give,

To countries with folks who don’t want us to live.


The Fed and its Quantitative Easing,

Folks in the stock market find it appeasing.

That house of cards will be coming down,

When the bill collector comes to town.


But with all that I’ve said I can’t help but feel,

The people are starting to see what is real.

So to God I will pray this Christmas night,

That America’s finally seeing the light.