Last December I submitted this piece to a newspaper in Iowa City. It was the last piece I would submit to their mindset. You see Iowa City seeks to be as single minded as Boulder or Berkley in their ideology and all thought must be filtered through the accepted mindset of the collective. I walked a line between Truth and that thought stream until last Christmas. “Christmas”, there, I said it. Now the “enlightened” will descend upon me like the hordes of Mordor. The newspaper, as most, hypersensitive about their own First Amendment rights to free speech has no qualms about censoring out the “offensive” speech of others, language like “God” or “Merry Christmas”.   Ironic. I wanted to share the piece in its original form:


Birds spread out on wires above like sheet music notes, silhouetted against a milky grey sky as if they were afraid to fly into so much soup and never be seen again. I gave them a sympathetic glance and trudged through the gritty ankle deep snow, melting slowly in the mist. Flanked by the ghosts of trees and outlines of other buildings I approached the burn pile, bent over and lit a small fire as if to send up a sacrifice to the gods of clearer skies and warmer days. Light from the front door pulled me back into the house where our refrigerator door caught my eye.

Each Christmas season brings lights to our refrigerator in the form of faces, couples, families and babies, all glowing, smiling, connecting with my wife and I and we smile back at each of them. Those refrigerator lights remind me of faces bathed in candle light on Christmas Eve, their radiance passed to another and another, bringing each face to light beneath the arches of a darkened hall until all darkness has been dismissed.

Remember the attributes of light this December.   Open a closet door and the dark doesn’t spill out, light fills in.   Light eternal came into the darkness, slept in a feed trough and later took all darkness into Himself. Until the day the Light melts away the darkness in our world forever, we kiss a loved one, go to work, lend a hand, read a bedtime book, we share our candle with another and another and another. Merry Christmas!!!