Before I retired from the Air Force, my unit was Homeland Security before DHS existed. We were the Air Defense for the United States before and on 9-11, trained and ready to defend against any threat approaching or encroaching on our borders. President Clinton, many politicians, and senior military said that we would never be attacked by air. Even after a friend and I prepared a brief for our general stating we would be attacked by an air breathing threat masterminded by Osama Bin Laden, the DC and headquarters experts stated we were justifying our existence. These same experts were first in line to ask what they could do to support us after the 9-11 attacks. Many went to work to provide the best defensive war plan for our nation, as none existed for the US as an Area of Responsibility(AOR). The world’s experts for dealing with terrorist attacks, Israel, were consulted to see what to do to combat this new threat in the US. After much planning they basically told us that we would never be successful in combating terrorism because we want to spend too much time looking for weapons instead of looking for terrorists. Looking for terrorist requires profiling, which we would not do. What did that get us, TSA procedures and quotas for old, young and other than arab or minority screening. Procedures have improved but not to where they need to be.

The problem is bigger than TSA. Why do we have muslims with ties to the muslim brotherhood working in our Department of Homeland security? It doesn’t show how diverse we are but rather how stupid we are. After 9-11 CAIR had to change the homepage of their website as their homepage basically stated that their mission was to spread islam to the world, and convert infidels. Doesn’t sound like an organization that wants to get along, but we still appease them. The FBI broke their ties with them due to their islamo facist connections, associations, and questionable funding, but we still appease. New York city, ground zero for the 9-11 attacks is no better, the idiots running the local government have refused to allow the Greek Orthodox church that was near ground zero to rebuild, but will fight to allow a trophy mosque to be built demonstrating their diversity. And our president concurs. After all the attacks leading up to 9-11, the failed attacks since 9-11, and Benghazi what part of “islamo facist” don’t like us, will never like us, don’t people understand. Shortly after 9-11 we found a document called the “Play book”, which outlined all the horrendous things that radical Islam intended and had trained to do to our nation. Instead of dealing with militant Islam with the full power of the US military in such a way that would make them to never want us to unleash our fury against them again, we have ignored the threat. Since we have ignored the obvious threat among us in an attempt to show how diverse, kind and understanding we are as the Rev. Wright so famously said the “Chickens are coming home to roost”. To muslims force and power are seen by them as strength, talk and negotiations and pacifying them is seen as weakness, our senior government officials choose to talk.

Now all the “experts” that are saying this is the new normal that we will have to learn to live with. They are wrong, as this is only the new normal if we allow it to be. It is time to decide do we stand up for our nation against islamo fascism or bow down and accommodate their insanity. Sadly we know this president loves to bow and preach diversity. Yet the bombers have suckled on the government teat for years and that diversity experiment failed.

It can also be argued that the biased media is responsible for these attacks as a willing accomplice since they refuse to do their job but instead run cover for the extremists. The big question is when will the liberal “Public Affairs” biased media start doing their job by reporting the truth instead of the canned, expected responses to everything evil being its conservatives, tea party, “white guys”. By going after conservatives, “white guys”, legal gun owners, and law abiding citizens it takes the focus off the real extremists, that could be uncovered with a little bit of old fashioned investigative reporting. As some accuse our president and senior leaders of having their head in the sand, it appears that their heads are stuck up somewhere else when it comes to terror. It’s time to acknowledge the islamo facist threat is real. It was proved this week that we can no longer call weapons malfunctions good police work as terrorist eventually will have a successful attack. The liberals answer to Boston hopefully will not be to do back ground checks on pressure cookers or put up “bomb free zone” or “Terrorist free zone” signs to go with the “gun free zone signs”. Signs and laws might give liberals a sense of security but until we start calling Radical Islam what it is, a THREAT and our ENEMY, we should not be surprised when the next terrorist bomb goes off. This could be the tip of the iceberg if we don’t secure our borders and locate and stop the sleepers that have trained to execute the plans in the play book. This will take good investigative procedures, profiling, and police work, or Boston will not even come close to one of our saddest days. It is time to WAKE UP AMERICA and realize that evil does exist, islamic extremism is evil, the war on Terror is not over, and we are not immune to its reach. We can minimize the threat if we are willing to not “act stupidly”,(as the president says), when dealing with radical islam and islamo facist.