Black widows can be very sneaky.
Check this out:

“I would not go, and I don’t think I would send my family,” Senator Angus King (I-ME) said last weekend of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. ”It’s just such a rich target.”

That’s not what anyone connected with the Olympics wanted to hear, especially given that King sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. It seems as if another troubling security concern pops up every day.

If you want to buy a ticket to the Games, you’ll have to get in line behind all the “black widow” Chechen suicide bombers streaming into Sochi. The Russian police have been handing out fliers at hotels asking guests to keep an eye peeled for Ruzanna “Salima” Ibragimova, wife of a slain Chechen militant. According to CNN, she’s not the only “black widow” who might be on the prowl:

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