With everything going on in the world, high unemployment, entry level jobs  screaming for living wage, Syria, NSA, the IRS and Benghazi scandals it is amazing how we hear the president new nothing about this, the white house did not authorize it, or this is the first he has heard about it, which amounts to plausible deniability.  The Polit Bureau, or Praetorian Guard media continues to be his cover vs. covering the stories.  With the cries of racism if you question anything it is amusing that even blacks are called racist and racist names by the intolerant left for disagreeing with the president.   To set the record straight I have gathered a few items that the president is responsible for.

Mr. President prior to the 2008 Election gasoline was $1.85 per gallon, but today the average is $4.11.   Your decision to cancel Oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico and on Federal lands, ignore the Keystone pipeline, and continue with environmentally unfriendly Ethanol has caused the higher prices.   Not to mention your energy jihad on coal, causing higher utilities.  There is only a decrease in oil production on your watch except for privately funded on private lands.

The higher Debt is all yours as you have outspent all former presidents combined. As you mortgage our children’s future the closest you have come to a cut was Sequestration, WHICH WAS YOUR IDEA, thinking the republicans would never allow it.  The real Unemployment number according to the University of Maryland is 14% which makes sense as median incomes have shrunk everywhere in the US except for states with oil exploration and in Washington DC. What does DC produce? You have increased Health care costs with the affordable care act yet continue to postpone parts of it for friends and public servants but not for the middle class whom you claim to champion.

Racial tensions are at an all time high because you continue to fan the flames of racism along with the media versus telling folks to remain calm.  That is your choice in an attempt to cover for your and progressive Democrats failed policies in the black community where black on black crime is only surpassed by abortion as the leading cause of death. You abortion support is responsible for genocide and infanticide against the black community.

You are responsible for the successful terrorist/enemy attacks on the US military due to the rules of engagement you have placed on them not being the same rules regarding a threat or collateral damage that you enjoy with your drone strikes.   Your rush to support Islam over our own troops does nothing to deter but only emboldens the terrorists as they know they have a good friend in you.  The increased death tolls in Afghanistan are all yours.  It is interesting that since you have been president we don’t get the daily body count from the media.  But that doesn’t matter to you since more black kids die in Chicago in one year from gun violence than have died during the entire Afghan operation.   Also I’m sure the military wants to thank you for the sequestration cuts that you could have turned off and the higher medical co-pays for active duty and retirees, not to mention the poor pay, while you championed government raises and went on another vacation.

The disintegration of the family has sped up on your watch as you encouraged the lack of social responsibility by increasing unemployment benefits, the numbers of those on welfare, food stamps and government handouts recipients which pay more for co-habing versus being married.  Those wanting off the government plantation are held hostage in the corrupt and broken public school system as you and your AG refuse to help them get a good education via vouchers even where they are working well for minorities. You tout the public schools but send your children to private schools because they are better but I’m sure the secret service would be welcomed in public school, unarmed of course.   You support of the homosexual agenda to force perversion on everyone to get a few extra votes and money shows no character.  How does it feel to sell your soul?

As Syria has recently demonstrated NO ONE RESPECTS your foreign policy!  You are a laughing stock as a leader in the global community as you dance for Putin. You only have yourself to blame as your Oblama world apology tour and US bashing showed your distaste for our nation.  Your coddling the enemy who knows our foreign policy better than our own State Department only makes your administration look like fools who pay and arm those who will attack us.  Can you say Benghazi?  Don’t mention that highly successful Arab Spring where we ignored the only real democracy movement in the region going on in Iran.

At home the corruption, REAL scandals and total lack of Transparency is all yours. You make yourself look bad by not coming clean on Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS profiling and info sharing, the NSA domestic spying, using TARP funds to reward major bundlers to mention a few on the endless list of corruption.  The mafia has nothing on you and your 42 CZARS and AG with government paychecks and no real oversight.  The corruption of your crime family of appointees is all on you.

All the things that you blamed Bush for and have had the authority to stop or end you have continued from Gitmo to rendition, increased hostilities with drone strikes and bombing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, military supplies to Egyptian rebels, Muslim brotherhood, Syrian rebels, Libyan rebels.  You are courting war with Syria while we still have soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and casualties adding up fast, So much for the PEACE PRIZE.  The agency abuse including domestic spying has been taken to a whole new level and with your selective enforcement policies, intimidation tactics as well as looking the other way proves you own it.

As much as you use the word I it should be obvious it ALL BELONGS TO YOU and AS THE PRESIDENT, the responsibility is all yours.

And to all that voted for Obama, or did not vote it belongs to you as well.