“He who is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else”– Benjamin Franklin


The President and the Democratic Party are not living in the real world. No matter what the facts or truth they continue to employ the 12 D’s of progressivism: Deny, Defy, Distort, Deceive, Discredit, Demonize, Distract, Discourage, Destroy, Do, Disagree, and Disclose, to accomplish the 13thD, DELAY. Delay the truth as much as you can so that scandals don’t seem as bad as they really are or are eclipsed by a different crisis. That is a classic cover-up but to an extent that makes Nixon look honest. Obama’s big problem is that all of the recent crises involve his administration. They are self-inflicted wounds that would possibly be non-issues, with media compliance, if the administration had just told the truth. But to these blood suckers the truth would be a silver bullet or wooden stake. As the Chicago way of intimidation, corruption and plausible deniability are all on display in these many crises, it is rumored his advisors are talking about changing his slogan from “Yes, we can” to “I can’t remember.”


So to avoid doing the same thing and expecting different results, also known as stupidity, I suggest it is time for Obama to try something different and just tell the truth. This is a challenge for the Obama administration. The hard part for them is acknowledging their lies, understanding “what is truth”, and not being engaged in anything dishonorable. So to help out I have listed a few truths the administration can plagiarize as your own, something Joe Biden should be comfortable with.

  1. Benghazi was an Al-Qaida linked terrorist attack, and Al-Qaida is NOT on the run.   According to John Mueller, the National Security Studies Chair at Ohio State’s Mershon Center for International Security Studies, he states that there have been 52 Al-Qaida terror attack plans since 9/11.
    2. Help was available for Benghazi on 9-11 and the Special Ops team that was only 90 minutes away AND READY TO LAUNCH was told to stand down. and a source told me it was by the Whitehouse.

3. The Whitehouse, including the president knew that it was a terrorist attack and did not want the gun running activities to be known. (Makes you wonder if the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was intentional since they refused aide despite the cries for help after the attack started)

4. Eric Holder did know about Fast and Furious, so did the president, and after being caught decided to ignore it hoping it would go away. The AG does nothing without the presidents’ nod in this administration from covering up voter fraud and intimidation in Philadelphia, to trying to skew the data for a fire arms debate.

  1. Major Hasan is a terrorist! (not work place violence) If he wasn’t a terrorist why did the president feel the need to kill his mentor with a drone strike?
  2. The President knew of his IRS (Internal Revenge Service) targeting Tea Party, conservative, Patriot, Christian and pro-limited government 501©3’s to harass and intimidate his political opponents. Union boss Colleen Kelley, head of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) that “represents” IRS workers, had multiple Whitehouse meetings including a closed door meeting with the president the day before the targeting started. Also the IRS commissioner Douglas H. Shulman had 118 Whitehouse visits including a closed door session the day prior to the intimidation starting. A coincidence?

7. Planned Parenthood is not about woman’s health but about killing babies and committing genocide against minorities. The Whitehouse has no problem with it as long as the money from this multibillion dollar industry keeps flowing through back to the “DNC”. DNC, isn’t that a woman’s procedure?

8. Holder not only knew about the wire taps but just followed orders from the Whitehouse. See Number 4, Smart move by Obama having Holder investigate himself as it appears he is the most knowledgeable individual on them.

9. More gun laws will do nothing but harm the law abiding citizens and will have no effect on criminals—just look at Chicago, and how poorly all the gun laws there are working out.

10. The current economy and all the failed policies of the past four years belong to OBAMA. It is not George Bush’s fault.

11. Wall Street has not recovered and is only being kept afloat by the Federal Government counterfeiting program called quantitative easing –printing more dollars- to prop up the stock market

12. The economy is not growing and unemployment is higher (almost double) than what the numbers show.

13. Michele’s “Let’s move” program is not working, as is evidenced by how “Thick” she is. Besides nothing taste as good as a cheeseburger and fries. Amazing you can “Choose” to end a life, but not choose a menu item with this group.

14. Obamacare is not an Affordable Care Plan, or even a good care plan. Over 75% of Americans can expect to get taxed, deductibles will increase by a factor of 6 and you WILL NOT get to keep your current doctor.

The only truthful statement the president has made was when he claimed “if I had a son he would be just like Treyvon. Well as all the information continues to give us a better look at who he really was, the Choom gang president’s son would be a lying, dope smoking, disrespectful, gangsta, authority dissing, irresponsible individual in trouble at school and with the law. Sometimes while the truth can be revealed by a lie. The reality of this bad situation for the Whitehouse is that before Obama’s teleprompter pleads the Fifth, and Kenya claims he is an American the president needs to get good at something other than making excuses and telling lies.