MSNBC is rapidly becoming the Mea Culpa Network. It seems like they’ve got something new to apologize for ever week. This time it’s Melissa Harris-Perry taking another stab at apologizing for her mockery of the Romney family for adopting a black child. She already tried an “unqualified and unreserved” apology on Twitter, which she unfortunately saddled with a hashtag she could use to attach various qualifications and reservations. She’s still doing it, as her new on-air apology is packed full of absurd justifications and explanations of what she really meant to say, with a dash of weeping added for emotional impact.

This is getting really weird. MSNBC really is becoming a lunatic asylum, run by people in various stages of mental and emotional breakdown. For all the liberals who want to bring Fox News down by comparing it to the twisted monstrosity of unhinged partisan id you’ve created over at MSNBC: there is no comparison.

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