Martin Bashir has dared go where even most congressional Dems won’t: praising Britain’s National Health Service and by implication the socialization of medicine it represents.

On today’s Morning Joe, Bashir said the National Health Service is “a wonderful idea.” For good measure, the British-born Bashir, who hosts a regular afternoon slot in the MSNBC line-up, also vastly overstated the percentage of the British workforce employed by the government.  He claimed that “over 40%” in the UK are “in the public workforce.”  In fact, as per this official-seeming website, the actual percentage as of last month was about half that, in the range of 20-22% [6 million public-sector workers out of a total workforce of 29 million].

So Bashir’s abashed that Britain will be laying off government workers.  Solution to the unemployment problem: have the government hire everyone!  Oh, wait, they tried that . . .  in the late Soviet Union.

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