Here‘s one thing to note about Chris Matthews’s MSNBC show “Hardball”: it airs at 5 pm ET, but then that show is recorded and rebroadcast at 7 pm ET. That’s important because it raises a question: If you make a mistake at 5, will it show up at 7? We seem to have our answer now – no.

The ever-vigilant team over at NewsBusters noticed that during the 5 pm show, Matthews made the “preposterous” claim that Barack Obama added only 13 people to the federal workforce between 2009 and 2010. He used the figures to defend the president against criticism that he’s expanding government jobs while the private sector is shrinking. But there’s only one problem: MSNBC and Matthews misread the numbers, and even aired the wrong figures. And they must have noticed it, because the 7pm broadcast had brand new audio for the relevant section.

To be fair, it is good that MSNBC corrected its error. But it would seem that by doing so, it negates the entire point Matthews and the segment was trying to make. That is the ironic part.