All the legislative wrangling and finger pointing is overshadowing the darker behind-the- scenes machinations of this government shutdown, or slimdown, or whatever dumb name you want to throw at it.  At the onset of the government shut down last Tuesday, government SHUTDOWN signs began appearing.  Immediately, they started popping up around DC at the WWII Memorial  and then began moving outward around the country.  What we are missing in the dust up between the House and Senate, and what is not in the minds of the American people, is the planning that it takes to order, purchase, distribute and place the thousands of signs around the country.

Phooey!  What is so sinister about a few signs, you ask?  As stated above, it takes planning to purchase a large volume of anything in a large bureaucracy.  Think about the process at a large corporation.  A project manager contacts a vendor weeks in advance of a large purchase and provides a quote.   In the quote process the vendor states the cost for a given quantity of items and may include the lead time required to produce the items.  If the lead time is not expressed in the quote, that conversation would have occurred so that the items purchased would arrive at the desired time to coincide with a particular event, say a government shutdown.  Are you following?  Next, the quote is submitted to the purchasing agent to verify the cost and payment agreements between the vendor and company, and the funds are appropriated for payment of the purchased items.  Still with me?  Then, the purchasing agent issues a purchase order (PO) to the vendor.  The vendor receives the PO and officially starts the work designing, producing, and shipping the purchased items.  The point of this exercise is to point out that it takes time to order produce and receive any manufactured item.  And, that time increases as the size of the bureaucracy increases.  While the paper work may be expedited to reduce the time to issue the PO, it still takes time to produce and ship the item.

The government shutdown signs were on hand and appeared the very first day at the WWII Memorial.  That suggests that the shutdown was anticipated and somebody planned ahead to have the signs on hand to tell the world that the government was shutdown, that it was in everyone’s face and make sure everyone felt the consequences.  The operative here is the planning and that it was done in advance.  OK, so what?  While the President, the Congressional Democrats, and the media are blaming the Republicans and the House Republicans are fighting the Senate Democrats, the American people need to understand that the pain being felt across the country rests squarely on the shoulders of President Obama because his Administration anticipated the shutdown and conspired to make the shutdown as miserable as possible.

This message has to be illustrated to the average American person who thinks the Republicans are solely responsible.  Yes, they used a political negotiating tool, but it was President Obama and his Administration that preplanned the consequences.  The average American is not following this closely enough to sift through the nuances of the House and Senate fight to understand this, when all they hear is the Republicans shutdown the government that caused all the barricades.  They can, however, understand that the project manager is responsible for planning, initiating, and directing the procurement process in the simple example above.  This is how conservatives have to change the discourse in this fight, and in all others, in order to beat back the politically correct speak of the Democrats.   President Obama is the project manager, he planned this, he purchased the SHUTDOWN signs, he placed the barricades, and he should be stigmatized as such!  That’s where I stand.  If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.