A picture sure is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

The death of Freddie Gray has sparked the racial debate and set Baltimore and the rest of the nation into another divide along the lines of skin color. However, after the release of the mugshots of the 6 Baltimore police officers involved in the incident that allegedly lead to the death of Gray, race-baiters are going to be a bit perplexed.

According to BizPac Review, “The officers, who have all been released on bond, were previously identified as Lt. Brian Rice, Officer Garrett Miller, Sgt. Alicia White, Officer William Porter, Officer Edward Nero, and Officer Caesar Goodson.” Their mugshots were released Friday, and it’s safe to assume the race-baiters were left confused as hell when they got a good look at the faces of the officers.

One thing is for sure, the mugshots of the 6 police officers now charged with the homicide of Freddie Gray will have race-baiters scrambling for a way to continue their narrative. One look at their mugshots, and you can see why.


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