Economist Walter Williams, in a recent column, called multiculturalism a “cancer on Western society.” As is typically the case, Professor William is right on target. In fact, I go even further in my assessment of this malignant tenet of secular humanism. In my book, Liberal Tyranny in Higher Education, I make the point that multiculturalism is leftist code for a worldview that seeks the destruction of Christianity and traditional American values. It should come as no surprise then that institutions of higher education are hotbeds of multiculturalism. America’s colleges and universities are open to accommodating every religion and culture known to man, except, of course, Christianity and traditional American culture.

American students are subjected to 12 years of multicultural propaganda in the public schools. Then those who matriculate at a college or university are subjected to not just more propaganda, but intense pressure to conform to this nefarious worldview—a worldview that teaches the moral equivalency of all religions except, of course, Christianity. Multiculturalists also teach that traditional American values amount to little more than sexism, racism, and imperialism. Here is what Walter Williams wrote about this phenomenon in his column on the subject of multiculturalism: “A vision that sees a moral equivalency between what Christians did centuries ago and today’s Islamic savagery is quite prevalent in academia. It’s part of what is worshipped on most college campuses as diversity and multiculturalism.” The functional term in this quote is “worshipped.” Elitists in academia go beyond just advocating multiculturalism. They worship at the altar of this misguided, socially cancerous worldview.

Multiculturalists in academia like to profess the moral equivalency of all religions and cultures—except, of course, Christianity and traditional American culture. In the social environment that currently prevails on most college and university campuses, no one and nothing is supposed to stand out. Everyone and everything is supposed to be equal. Perhaps this wrong-headed view of equality is why Harvard professors were criticized recently for giving almost all students “A” grades regardless of their relative performance in class. This ridiculous view of equality shows just how hypocritical and illogical college professors can be. While they might preach equality in their classrooms, college professors are quick to sharpen their knives and go to war the moment anyone challenges the tenure-track hierarchy of assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor. They preach universal equality, but they don’t believe in it.

This believe-what-I-say-not-what-I-do approach of multicultural professors quickly wears thin with the few college students who have managed to develop critical-thinking skills somewhere along the way. For example, thinking students—as opposed to brainwashed sheep trying to pass as students—might raise such points as the following with their multicultural professors:

  • In Islamic countries, not only can women not drive cars, vote, or go to school, but they can be stoned to death as adulterers while their male partners get a pass. Do you really think these countries are culturally equivalent to the West? Do you really think Islam is morally equivalent to Christianity? Do you really think the culture that spawned Boko Haram—a terrorist group that kidnaps and murders young girls for choosing to go to school—is really the moral equivalent of Western culture?
  • A cultural absolute on most college campuses is support for homosexuality. Yet in Muslim countries, those who advocate tolerance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender lifestyles are not tolerated. In fact, they are more likely to be killed. Perhaps someone can explain what would happen to a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender college professor who advocated on behalf of multiculturalism in a Muslim country.

Nobody personifies the concept of biting the hand that feeds you more than multicultural elites on college and university campuses. They receive excellent salaries, benefits, and perquisites—better, in fact, than those earned by most of the hard-working Americans whose taxes finance these things. Yet multicultural elitists not only reject the values of those who pay their salaries, they do everything in their power to subvert their values. Professor Williams gives this example of the hypocrisy of multiculturalists in academia: “At the very heart of multiculturalism is an attack on Christianity. For example, Duke University sponsored Muslim calls to prayer in the name of promoting ‘religious pluralism,’ until external pressures forced it to cancel the practice. Earlier, Duke administrators removed Chick-fil-A as a campus vendor because of Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s comments regarding his religious opposition to homosexual marriage. So much for religious pluralism, tolerance, and free speech.”

Professor Williams goes on to provide examples of schools that have banned the reading of certain historical documents because they contain references to God, Jesus, or Christianity. These banned documents include our Declaration of Independence and “the Rights of the Colonists” by Samuel Adams. Yet, these same institutions see no contradiction in allowing students to read the Koran or to engage in the religious practices of Muslims, Hindu’s, or other religions so long as the religion is not Christianity.

As opposed to Christianity as they are, multicultural elites are just as opposed to traditional American values. Here is what Professor Williams had to say about this element of multicultural hypocrisy: “Western values are by no means secure. They are under ruthless attack by the academic elite on college campuses across America. These people want to replace personal liberty with government control; they want to replace equality with entitlement; they want to halt progress in order to worship Mother Earth. Personal liberty and private property are anathemas to people who want to control our lives. This is part and parcel of the multicultural and diversity movements infecting the western world.” Thank you, Dr. Williams. I could not have said it better.