A Muslim man locked up in a Texas prison thinks he’s owed something and is making a lot of demands from his cinder block cell. He’s so mad about not getting his way that he has sued local and federal authorities in the ultimate temper tantrum fit, for not being able to go about his Islamic rituals in the way he feels he should.

Mohammed Yahya must have conveniently forgotten that he’s in America, not the Middle East, and more importantly an incarcerated criminal, which means his freedom to celebrate holidays important to his Muslim culture are suspended until he’s set free — which hopefully won’t be anytime too soon. Yahya is pitching a fit that he was not allowed to observe Ramadan, in its traditional fashion, with most of his fit aimed at the part where he’s supposed to deprive himself of food, KLTV reported.

“In this particular case, not only is there the constitutional right, our belief is the contract that the jail has for federal prisoners specifically required them to do this,” Yahya’s attorney Charles Swift said in regards to the lawsuit filed against federal authorities. “He had planned to participate in the fasting, but prison officials refused to let him.”

The incensed Islamic cellmate was deported back to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia last year, after it was discovered he had financially scammed American investors through his business, Tyler Automax. Yahya was charged with federal wire fraud for taking money from his business investors and depositing it into his personal bank account, rather than putting it back into the business to allocate the funds how he promised he would.

Yahya has a lot of support for his cause here in America from his fellow Muslims who feel his alleged pain of persecution. “It’s very important, it’s not just something we make up. It’s what our religion is based on,” Imam Saleem Shabazz said. Yahya whined that all 11 of his requests for food to be delivered in accordance with Ramadan traditions were denied, which he, and apparently Shabazz, feel was grossly inappropriate.

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