The first indication that Adam Shaleh’s and Sheikh Akbar’s video was in fact a hoax is that it was part of a series called “TrueStory ASA.” As it turns out, their “TrueStory” was actually a pack of lies that went viral on the internet and fooled a lot of gullible people.

The two Muslim filmmakers’ hidden camera video purports to show a New York cop standing idly by while Shaleh and Akbar, dressed in western style clothing, have an argument that escalates to actual shoving. Twenty minutes later, the same two men, wearing Middle Eastern clothing, act out a similar argument in front of the same cop, though with much less physical contact. The officer’s reaction is as different as night and day. In the first scene he does nothing, while in the second scene he becomes belligerent, tosses the two men against the wall, frisks them, and even asks “Why are you dressed like this?”

After initially claiming the video captured actual events, Shaleh and Akbar later admitted that it was a “dramatization,” which is to say a recreation of events in front of a camera. Frankly, I don’t believe them.

Shaleh and Akbar explained that “This (video)is to raise awareness about racial profiling.” Ah, the old “raising awareness” excuse! And I thought its purpose was to smear the NYPD and American society generally. The two rocket scientists apparently don’t understand that Islam is not a race and that the video, even if it were true, would demonstrate that cops view traditional Muslims with suspicion. Their race does not change between the first and second fabricated scenes, only their clothing.

The filmmakers clearly implied that the cops routinely harass them because they are recognizable Muslims. As they wrote: “We were filming another video for our [Youtube] channel with our cultural clothing but we kept getting followed by Police. So, we decided to film this little social experiment on racial profiling.”

“Social experiment?” A social experiment is when you set up a scenario and see how people react, not when you bring in an actor wearing a thrift shop policeman’s uniform to play the part of the bigot you already believe the cops to be.

Hailey Woldt could teach them a thing or two about “social experiments.” Woldt is a white Catholic female who, in 2009, conducted an actual social experiment by wearing a black abaya, a Muslim garment that covered everything but her face and hands, to a barbeque restaurant in Arab, Alabama. She was prepared to experience unbridled hatred. “I expected people to say, ‘What is this terrorist doing here? We don’t want your kind here.’” But alas, her experience was pleasant. The only type of “bigotry” she experienced was a few strange glances, nothing more.

But Shaleh and Akbar would have you believe that maltreatment is just a part of daily life for American Muslims. At the end of the faked “racial profiling” video they addressed the audience with pained expressions on their faces, explaining that “it happened in one chance,” meaning that the first policeman took the bait. Which is true; it just so happened that the first “policeman” they encountered was one of their buddies wearing a silly costume.

My question for the two faux victims is this—if this maltreatment of Muslims (“what they call racial profiling”) is so rampant, why not capture a real incident on tape? Why fake it?

The reason is because too many Muslims want to be treated with kiddy gloves. It’s a trick they learned from the black “civil rights” community, and from homosexuals, who have elevated phony victimhood to an art form. It’s repugnant and it needs to stop.

Muslims’ fake victim posturing went into high gear after September 11,, 2001. Despite the horrific nature of the attack, there were remarkably few incidents of Americans taking revenge upon innocent Muslims. More Muslims worldwide celebrated the carnage wreaked by their coreligionists than were targeted in actual anti-Muslim “hate crimes.”

So the Muslim community ginned up a few. Ahmad Saad Nasim, a student at Arizona State University, provides just two examples, though there are plenty more. In late 2001, Nasim claimed to have been pelted with eggs while the assailants shouted “Die, Muslim die!” In another incident, the same Nasim was found in a bathroom stall with the word “Die” scrawled across his forehead, a plastic bag over his head, and a hateful note stuffed in his mouth. The janitor who found him was confused because Nasim’s hands were not bound and the stall was locked from the inside. Both incidents were fabricated. Not surprisingly, Nasim was the president of the campus chapter of the Muslim Student Association. Also, he was known for writing copious letters to the editor complaining that ASU was a hostile environment for Muslims.

Oh sure, Nasim cried wolf. So did Adam Shaleh and Sheikh Akbar. But surely there are real incidents of anti-Muslim bigotry somewhere, right?

Sure there are; a scant few, just like there are real wolves. I would be willing to bet that real “hate crimes” committed against Muslims are outnumbered by the concocted variety, and far, far less numerous than the atrocities committed by Muslims. Just three days after the two hoax-mongering filmmakers admitted that their video had been “dramatized” (faked, actually), a Muslim with a hatchet attacked a group of police officers in Queens, New York, the very place where Shaleh and Akbar filmed their “social experiment.” Besides the fact that it was a heck of a lot worse than an unjustified frisking, it was also real, unlike the film makers’ persecution fantasies.

What most Muslims perceive as “Islamophobia” is not incidents of police harassment (that don’t really happen) or mobs of egg-throwing bigots (that they don’t really exist) but the unease that they feel radiating from the non-Muslim majority. Such discomfort is very real indeed but it isn’t a “phobia” because phobias are, by definition, irrational. Their neighbors’ unease is the result of an endless string of bombings, spree shootings, skyjackings, beheadings, and honor killings that seem to hover over the Muslim community like a noxious cloud.

“Islamophobia” of the variety they perceive cannot be combated with video smear jobs. It will however dissipate just as soon as Muslims stop murdering people. Muslims’ efforts to eradicate bigotry should be focused inward, toward their own community, rather than toward society and its chimeric “phobia.” But alas, that would require the “moderate Muslims” I’ve heard so much about to take a stand against their own kind, which they refuse to do.