Most of my New Year’s resolutions have been silly and frivolous—mostly relating to my diet, such as promising not to eat entire boxes of Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal in one sitting anymore (true story).

But 2012 is an entirely different story.  Most of the important politicians and Conservative political pundits I’ve interviewed the past year have basically said the same thing as the Mayans predicted—that 2012 could mean the end of civilization as we know it.

The past few years have proven that the promises and choices we make for ourselves and our country have got to be relevant and meaningful.  The days of only worrying about our diets or bad habits is taking a backseat to literally saving our country.

So that being said, here are my 2012 New Year’s resolutions.

  1.  Work in every way humanly possible to VOTE BARACK OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE.  For me, that means reading, researching, writing articles, interviewing people who can give us ideas how to win the elections, working with PolitiChicks to spread the word.  I’ll also get involved in local and national campaigns—trolling neighborhoods, putting signs in yards, working phone banks.
  2. Work in every way possible to help win Conservative SENATE AND HOUSE SEATS.  As we’ve all seen, even if we get a Republican as President he won’t be much help if he’s outnumbered in every other aspect.  For me, I’m going to start educating myself about all the statewide elections and will help nationally as well as locally.
  3. Stay positive and focused no matter how much mud the Left flings at us.  The Left will continuously try to break us down—to make us believe we’re defeated before we’ve even begun.  As bad as things were in 2011, being accused of racism and elitism and trying to incite class wars via the Occupy movement, we all need to be prepared for the REAL power shifts to take place in 2012.  They’ve only begun to fight, and these people–despite their pacifist facades- relish in fighting dirty, bloody battles.
  4. As I say in my videos, “Stay safe and keep the faith.”  We all need to gather in our families; make sure we’re protected, insolated and ready for whatever comes our way.  Not to sound all Glenn Beck-y, but make sure you have escape plans.  If Progressives have to choose between a dirty fight and winning or a clean fight and losing, which do you think they’ll choose?  I lived in LA during the LA riots (after the Rodney King verdict).  I witnessed first-hand the angry mobs when didn’t get their way.  I will not let my family be harmed by anyone and we all need to do whatever necessary to protect ourselves.  That includes staying in close contact with God, and trusting that He will protect us.
  5. Finally, in order to be prepared for the potential battles ahead, I have to once again renew my vow not to eat entire boxes of Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal (in one sitting) anymore.  Sigh.

Since this is my last article for 2011, I’d also like to do a little thanking.  First of all, a huge thank you to my beautiful, amazing editor Jennie Jones who faithfully reads as much of my work as she can stomach  and tries to make sure all my glaring mistakes are corrected before publishing.

Thank you to the Patriot Update folks who believed in me enough to hire me as one of their exclusive columnists and also gave me my own video show, including PolitiChicks.  I’ve had a blast and am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to interview and work with some of my most respected American heroes.

For those of you who’ve been faithfully reading and sharing my articles the past year, it’s hard to express my gratitude.  I’ve appreciated all your comments—good and bad.  I’m hopefully learning from my mistakes and am constantly trying to better myself in every way possible.

Some of the people who’ve helped me reach a higher level this year are Tom Lehner, who has written the most amazing articles about me and shared every single article and video I’ve ever made in my life (okay, that’s an exaggeration but not by much…); Jan Morgan, my friend since high school and someone who is a constant source of inspiration to me; Facebook Rock Stars Suzanne Sharer, Rosie Johnson, Bamboo Bob, Rowena Molluso, Joe Dan Gorman and others who have helped grow my Facebook pages.

I’m grateful to AlfonZo Rachel, who allowed me to spend an entire day interviewing and videotaping him this summer.  I’ve learned so much from Zo and consider him a good friend for life.

Also a huge virtual hug to all my Facebook and Twitter friends who have written posts, shared all my work, sent me messages of encouragement and more on almost a daily basis for years.  Thank you so much—your support has helped me more than you can know.  I wish I could list all of you by name but hopefully you know who you are and know how important you are to me.

Finally, thank you to my family.  My husband has been the most amazingly supportive man on earth and he luckily understands the importance of the work I’m trying to do.  My son has been my cameraman for most of my events (and has also spent a great deal of time defending me online to mean, liberal bloggers).  And my parents and sister, who are as confused as I am about the completely different direction my life has taken.

God bless you all; we’re in for a tremendous fight in 2012 and I’ll be right there with you– either with my video camera recording it or my laptop writing about it.

Happy New Year!