Exclusive: Group aims to defeat Mayor Bloomberg’s microstamping of bullet casings

The National Rifle Association has taken aim at New York, doling out more campaign donations in the Empire State over the last nine years than in any other in state in the nation.

The prime target: defeating Mayor Bloomberg’s push for microstamping of bullet casings, which backers say would be an effective crimefighting tool.

Since 2003, the NRA has reported giving New York legislators and political committees $217,400 — the organization’s largest outlay over that period.

Arizona candidates received the second-highest cash infusion: $196,317.

Almost half of the donations in New York came in 2010, after the legislative defeat of a microstamping bill, which would have required bullet casings to carry unique markings, campaign records show. Senate Democrats, then in the majority, tried to move the bill, but couldn’t muster the necessary 32 votes.

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