In line with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s order for troops to have their workplaces searched for “degrading or offensive” materials — part of an attempt to curb sexual assault in the military — the Navy will inspect even its bathrooms.

While what’s degrading or offensive is open to interpretation, the material can include song lyrics and “inappropriate cartoons.”

In a memo sent on June 13, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus ordered that all sailors, Marines, cadets and civilian employees have their workplaces searched by June 28.

The “comprehensive visual inspections” of the workspaces conducted by commanding officers will “ensure they are free from materials that create a degrading, hostile, or offensive work environment.”

Such items are “contraband,” the memo says.

According to the order, “Workplaces include but are not limited to: Office buildings, facilities, naval vessels, aircraft, government vehicles, hangars, ready rooms, conference rooms, individual offices, cubicles, storage rooms, tool and equipment rooms, workshops, break rooms, galleys, recreation areas, Navy and Marine Corps Exchanges, and heads.”

“Individuals conducting the inspection will immediately seize and document any contraband discovered during the course of workplace inspections,” the memo says.

“Contraband includes materials that are patently lewd, lascivious, obscene, or pornographic, as well as supremacist images, publications, or materials,” it says.

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