While grilling former Pennsylvania Senator and presidential hopeful Rick Santorum on NBC’s Sunday Meet the Press, host David Gregory was skeptical of the idea that Americans should be able to choose their own health care plan: “They’re better off with the freedom that they’ve got in the vagaries of the private insurance market?”

Gregory was responding to Santorum’s criticism of ObamaCare: “[Obama] doesn’t believe Americans can actually make decisions for themselves, that he has to tell you how much money you’re going to, you’re going to spend on health care.” After doubting the value of freedom in choosing medical insurance, Gregory pressed: “But you’d repeal the President’s healthcare plan totally? Even covering pre-existing conditions, which most Republicans agree with?”

Later in the interview, Gregory dismissed Republican calls to cut corporate tax rates to jumpstart the economy: “You’ve got so many American corporations sitting on a ton of cash right now….Do they really need additional tax breaks?…you’re sitting on so much capital, why do you need additional relief from the government?”

[Editor’s note: I’d argue that they’re sitting on so much cash because there is way too much uncertainty going forward. They may need that cash to stay afloat down the road]

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