In the past fifty years we’ve had a lot of crap shoved down our throats by Liberals. It seems they haven’t taken a day off in all that time. Nothing sacred is sacred anymore. Nothing out of bounds is out of bounds. The Progressive Left works tirelessly to re-shape our world into one that suits themselves and their desires no matter how perverse. Fifty years ago few would have believed that today we’d have a tiny percentage of the population demanding the “right” for same-sex sex and same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting and pushing that agenda even into our grade schools. Who could have seen that? Who would have imagined it? The Left not only imagined it, they made it happen. But that’s nothing.

In the U.K. paper “The Guardian”, we find the Left “re-shaping” again in a big way. The article I’m pointing to starts by posing this: “The Jimmy Savile scandal caused public revulsion, but experts disagree about what causes paedophilia – and even how much harm it causes”. Who is Jimmy Savile? Jimmy Savile was an English DJ and TV personality. Since his death in 2011 it has been alleged that he comitted some 214 sex crimes involving children as young as eight.

So Jon Henley wrote an article titled “Paedophilia: Bringing Dark Desires To Light”.

See, just like we Neanderthals have been forced to accept things like gay marriage and unlimited abortions, we are being asked now to open our minds to the idea that paedophilia is really no big deal. That perhaps it is even NORMAL. Because, you see:

“…experts disagree about what causes paedophilia – and even how much harm it causes”.

Who are these “experts”? Probably child diddlers themselves. And by the way, when “experts” disagree how can they be experts? Makes no sense. Like Liberals.

Once again we, the great unwashed, are told to reconsider our opinions and attitudes about something we instinctively know stinks like rotten fish. For the past fifty years we’ve been told we are bad people if we don’t get on board with gay lifestyles and now, gay marriage. Our grade schools are all too eager to talk to kids about gender diversity, gay sex and gay rights—blah, blah, blah. That isn’t enough for the Left. No not enough.

We will spend the next fifty years with a perverse bunch of Liberal “thinkers” telling us how child diddlers are really just “super loving” the children. Where’s the harm really? Children are sexual beings, you know. It is really just natural behavior when you think about it. Is anyone really hurt by it?

A paedophile’s love for children IS different. It is love accompanied by an erection. I’m sorry (no I’m not really) but when you have an adult with a stiffy for kids you have the makings for a child’s ruined life. Perhaps this is the first you’ve heard of this idea that paedophiles are just really misunderstood, hyper loving individuals who just happen to have hyper sexual love for children. Does it really make them bad people? It’s not in their control you know. We should feel bad for them. I have a feeling for paedophiles, the feeling that I want to lock them all up together in a place where they never have access to a child again.

Say though, let’s talk and talk about it and de-sensitize folks to it and make the idea of it mainstream like we did with the whole gay thing. The Liberal way is to change the words, re-package the message, cloud up the concept and ram it down our throats.

The problems we have in our Country can almost ALL be attributed to Liberals and Liberal policies. The first column I wrote for Patriot Update is called “The War on Women”. In it I talked about what feminism did and continues to do to the American family. Liberals make everything smell like dirty diapers. Can’t you smell it? I can smell it and it is reviling.

It is no mistake that Libs and Progressives talk the way they do about everything. Their twisted view of the world and humankind is vomited onto the rest of us. With words and phrases specially chosen and focus group tested and seemingly “politically correct” they begin the slow warp of our sensibilities. I am sick and tired of Liberals in all their forms. I am especially disgusted by the ones who will ask us with a straight face to reconsider things we know to be right. Ask me to be good with paedophilia! You won’t hear my answer but you will feel it!

If society gets to a place where it has become okay with diddling children we’re doomed for sure. Can you just imagine it? I can because of the way our world looks to me today. In today’s America:

Using words like “God” = bad.
Using words like “Trans-gender = good.

Using salt or sugar = bad.
Using other people’s money to feed yourself = good.

Being married and hetero = bad.
Being gay-lesbian-bisexual-trans gender (and maybe soon, a paedophile) = good.

Working for your bread = stupid.
Living off the working folks = smart.

FNC and talk radio speaking truth to power = bad.
Obama and his complicit, cowardly media lying to Americans = good.

When will Americans have had enough of the mangling of America? When will folks realize what Liberalism is really about? Perhaps when we are literally Sodom & Gommorah and we bring down our own destruction. It is inevitable if we stay the Liberal course. To you Libs who don’t like what I’ve said…I don’t give a damn about you or any of your twisted causes. I’m a happy Neanderthal. I’ve had all of your type of progress I can stand. If only there was a place like…Weirdo Island or something where you sick bastards could go all Caligula on each other and leave us normal, (that’s NORMAL) people alone. I’d pay for your one way tickets.