The board members at a Nebraska public school system voted unanimously this week to allow props to be used in senior photos–including firearms–as long as the students meet the school’s dress code and the photos themselves are “tasteful and appropriate.”

According to Fox News:

Broken Bow Public Schools board members voted 6-0 on Monday to allow graduating seniors the option of submitting photographs if the student has permission to reproduce the picture from the original photographer, he or she is wearing attire that complies with district standards and it does not include drugs, alcohol or tobacco. The issue arose last year when a student and his parents expressed concern that utilizing such a prop in a senior portrait was not permitted.

“If they want to submit a picture for the yearbook of them trapshooting or with a gun of some sort, that’s OK,” Superintendent Mark Sievering told “Hunting is a very important activity in this area. We are a rural community and a number of our families participate in hunting, fishing, skeet shooting, trapshooting — it’s part of life here.”

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