One of the joys of being an international conservative is observing the latest tactics of the Left, right around the Western world.

An uncanny syncing of tactics is suggestive of collaboration and collusion, and this should not be discounted. But understanding the Left’s production line, with the media-academic corridor firmly in their machinery, means that it is just as likely their assembly produces group-think, and identical reactions.

Anyone who is following the federal election in Australia or the attacks by leading Democrats and the mainstream media on Republicans and conservatives in the United States on the so-called “phony” scandals will have noted the vastly increased use of the word “negativity”.

In their war of political correctness, it is the new weapon. Much like the strategy to which this word has now been hijacked for use, it is designed to silence criticism and to traduce any objection mounted. It’s the new card that is pulled, much like the “You’re a racist!” or “You’re a sexist!” or “You’re homophobic!” taunts that are usually heard when they are losing the argument, or wish to vilely discredit the character of an opponent.

“Negativity” is what you are when you talk about the economic perils of debt: “You’re talking the economy down” or “You’re talking the country down”. And if you’re “negative”, by automatic transferal, you don’t have “a positive plan for the future”, or you don’t “have any policies”. And if you’re always calling out bad policy, that means people shouldn’t like you or trust you.

What bollocks.

So, basically, if you are “negative”, you’re a patriot.

Political representatives on the conservative side should not be deterred or discouraged from pursuing the Left, or their political parties, for their policy failures or standards, by this tactic, as that is precisely its intention. This transparent exercise is a disgraceful effort to limit a national conversation.

It is not the fault of conservatives that leftist policies on the economy, or jobs, or immigration or culture give almost no reason to celebrate. These matters must be highlighted to ensure that “the people” understand. “Negativity” when responding to the weakening of a nation is patriotic.

When your country is at stake, silence is not golden. It’s yellow.