The way it works is, fees will be deducted from an inmate’s commissary account, which can be paid by family members. Those without any money in their accounts would accrue a negative balance and that balance would remain should a prisoner ever come back to the jail.
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There’s no such thing as a free lunch, especially at the Elko County jail in Northern Nevada. Believed to be a first of it’s kind program, the jail will now be charging inmates for meals and doctor’s visits.

Last week the Elko County Commission approved Sheriff Jim Pitts’ proposal to charge inmates $6 a day for meals, $10 for each doctor visit and $5 for initial booking into the jail. The Sheriff says this move will save county taxpayers millions of dollars a year. It currently costs about $85 a day per inmate to cover the costs of food, housing and medical services.

“We’re not the Hilton. These guys shouldn’t have a free ride,” said Pitts to the Elko Daily Free Press.

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