And now some very revealing information has been compiled by blogger Bob Owens to lend further credence to the belief that Fast and Furious had nothing to do with taking down Mexican drug cartels and everything to do with subverting the Second Amendment rights of the American people.

Over the years,  a great deal has been learned of the firearm preferences of drug gangs. And strangely enough,  a scant few of the weapons purchased and  “walked”  south of the border by Fast and Furious operatives actually match the weapons-of-choice demands of Mexican cartels,  the guns intended recipients.

But they do coincide quite nicely with the types of weapons whose availability American gun grabbers like Barack Obama have been most interested in limiting or doing away with altogether.

The majority of weapons transferred under Fast and Furious have been semi-automatic rifles of the AK and AR types with a few .50 caliber Barrett  (BMG)  rifles and FN  (Five-SeveN)  pistols thrown in for good measure.

More than 2000 of these weapons–mainly the AK and AR rifle variants–were walked across the Mexican border during the Operation.

Yet as popular as these AK and AR rifles are to gun buyers in the United States,  Mexican gangs have virtually no interest in them at all.  Fully automatic or selective-fire AK rifles are available to cartels on the black market for about $100,  far less than the purchase price of the semi-auto version in U.S. gun stores.


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