In the custom of the Obama administration turning to regulation to achieve what it can’t get through Congress, the National Labor Relations Board has picked up the ball. It sped up union representation election procedures to deny employers time to make their case and employees time to learn about all the implications of unionization. The NLRB ordered that employers must post notices — with the agency’s bureaucrats dictating the poster’s dimensions, color and type size — about the right to unionize. Another NLRB ruling allows unions to cherry pick employees in nursing homes to participate in union representation elections in order to improve the chances of a yes vote.

The most notorious NLRB pro-union action is its effort to prevent Boeing from building a new jetliner-construction plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state.

The NLRB is the vanguard of anti-business Democrats in Washington. Their agenda discourages business investment and job creation. It’s a fundamental road block to reducing the nation’s persistently high unemployment rate. This Labor Day would be a happier one if millions more Americans were engaged in productive labor.

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