Imposing a belief that has disdain for those you’re demanding favors from, causing the business to incur added cost to do so, and take preference to a Muslim customer’s business, is a path towards the Islamification of America.

The growth of the Muslim population in America has brought about new business opportunities to cater to their beliefs, designed exclusively for Muslims. The latest of which is a hair salon in Cambridge, Mass., which is for Islamic women and advertises a “hijab-friendly” environment.

Muslim women must be fully cloaked in the traditional hijab which completely covers them from head to toe, as required by their Islamic faith. The specific rules are heavily restrictive on women that prohibits them from removing the headscarf around any males other than their husbands or immediate family members. This rule presents a problem when these women would like to get their haircut professionally, the Boston Globe reported.

The risk of a Muslim woman exposing their head to unapproved males while in a public place is too great since naturally their head would need to be unwrapped to cut their hair and a male staffer could be present or walk into the salon at any given time.

Zaynah Qutubuddin, 28, understood this struggle as a hijab-wearing Muslim American in Massachusetts and managed to find Faron Salon in the Boston area who agreed to only see female clients as to reduce the risk of an accidental male. However, when the salon failed to mention the male they had on staff, Qutubuddin and other Muslim women decided the risk was not worth the reward.

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