Global warming, I mean climate change a good thing?
Check it out:

Remember, the whole “climate change” debate is a canard and always has been. Big government types, both in Washington and around the globe, are hyping this hysteria as a way of justifying things they want to do anyway. Massive tax increases and controls on industry are not some emergency steps they propose to take in the face of an emergency. They are the fundamental core of left-wing thinking, and they can’t make them happen without convincing people that we’re all doomed without them.

That is one of the reasons the following question is rarely considered: Even assuming man-made “climate change” is real, why are we to assume it would be a terrible thing? Just because the scientists working for the UN and cited by Democrats and the media say so? Now that you’re thinking about it, let me introduce you to the thinking of the Non-Governmental International Panel on Climate Change, which consists of climate scientists who are not part of the big government agenda, but are studying the issue just as carefully.

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