“Angels, angels, lookin’ out over Jordan.

All I could see; a band of angels comin’ after me.

Gabriel was playin’ the trumpet.

David was playin’ the harp.

Someday my soul shall be free.

I shall be free.

All night, all day, the angels keep a watchin’ over me, my Lord.

All night, all day, all I could see was a band of angels comin’ after me.

Someday my soul shall be free. ~ Jordan’s Angels, by Rollo Dilworth


It’s very early Saturday morning. My granddaughter and I are hurtling down the federal highway towards a state-sponsored school activity two hours from home. We pull into a McDonalds to sweeten our trip with a cup of coffee. She chooses an eggnog shake; I have my usual, a large iced hazelnut coffee to help me get a leg up on this day which will last a good 12 hours until we are safely back home again. Winter has come early to the Northland; WeatherNation has predicted four inches of snow off the lakes by later this evening. It seems we will have a white Thanksgiving this year!

The girl is telling me about her last night’s outing at the local ice rink with 15 friends who met there to start their weekend. She speaks with excitement as she explains how they each selected a character from their “fandom” as they pulled on their skates and hit the ice. She whipped out her phone to show me what a “fandom” was, displaying the picture of Belarus, a blond beauty who is scarily wicked. Friend Andria had chosen to be her but never quite fits the role. My girl slid easily into her role as Toris, also known as the country of Lithuania, and quickly found herself being chased by Natasha, or Belarus.

These role plays are part of the modern play style of many of our kids. I notice how the names of the characters are countries of the world – Poland (Feliks), England (Arthur), Japan (Kiku), Russia (Ivan), Lithuania (Toris). The kids study the dress, language, accents, and national cultural norms and symbols of these countries that then become parts and pieces of characters come-alive through each teen role playing that character, easily slipping between their favorite fandom characters. Good preparation, perhaps, for the new world order times that are most likely unescapable in the coming century.

I ask her what she thinks should be more important: individuality of nations or the homogenization of them to satisfy some world government agenda. She thinks a moment then begins that she really likes learning about the different countries and their people and customs. And she does not think it would be a good idea if everyone would have to suppress their individuality to gain efficiencies that could be gained by homogeneity. She said it would be “SO BORING!”

“Delightful!” I thought.

I ask her, “What if there was a more sinister reason to try to make people and nations the same? Sameness is easier to control than individuality and exceptionalism.” She thought that would be “just evil.”

“Insightful.” I mused.

So I thought about but felt it might not be wise just yet to ask her, “And what if the people in power wanted people to not make their own choices, but rather allow government to do that for them? Things like how many people get good healthcare but only until they’re too old. Or how many kids are allowed to be born and of what type before they are selected for infanticide (abortion). Or at what temperature can you set your house to warm it, and what kinds of light bulbs can you use before you break the carbon credits threshold assigned to your household by the environment czar?”

She asks me what I will do all day while she sings. I tell her I will write while bathed in her beautiful music of the young people. I explain I have many topics of interest to write about but haven’t yet selected one for today.

Our discussion morphs into how it may be nearly impossible to escape Earth’s nations pull towards a New World Order. A bright one, she asks me what that means. I tell her the Cosplay fandom activities she described made me think about this because world order is one of my topics of interest. I described several instances of speculative world order organization good and bad:


  • How the Internet Reformation makes it possible today for kids to download and watch videos and listen to music from all over the world and to make friends with and have meaningful conversations with those they come to know but will never physically see;
  • And a State that eventually usurps control of the Internet through concepts of “net neutrality”, making the Internet a “utility”;
  • How central banking ties the U.S. dollar to countries around the world;
  • Where American businesses move trillions of dollars in investments overseas in an effort to escape the prying eyes of the IRS (corporate inversions);
  • And the U.S. government’s FATCA intervention, the extension of the long arm of the IRS to prevent the movement of individuals’ taxable dollars or corporate profits out of the country (inversions), by way of the coerced cooperation of the nations wanting to avoid hefty bank penalties if continuing to do business with the U.S.A.;
  • How agriculture and food supply will be dictated by those who know what is best for us, while natural resources are strictly managed and solely owned by the government; family garden plots and livestock not permitted;
  • Where capitalist free markets will be manipulated or even purged to make way for the collectivist socialist systems for wealth re-distribution;
  • Where the State dictates what is best for our children, including genetic manipulation, controlled propaganda-based education and homogenous upbringing, the State selecting your profession or low level labor (drudge work);
  • Where religion is no longer necessary because the State has replaced God as final arbiter and holy of holies; and
  • Where the FBI, CIA, NSA and other “security” police have a world reach in terms of stopping crime and thwarting terrorism, despite the ever deeper creep into the private affairs of all people until there IS no privacy. Or freedom.


We arrive at our destination. But before we get out of the car, she says to me, “I think you should write about the world order thingie.” I respond, “Maybe I will! You’ve given me some good ideas.”


In the auditorium, the girl slips effortlessly in among the others arriving from all over the state to make beautiful music together. The 70 year old former music teacher and director of a famed children’s choir gathers them into their sections – soprano, second-soprano, and alto – and pulls out a piece they will work on, a soulful arrangement, “Jordan’s Angles,” composed by a black musician, Rollo Dilworth. The music rehearsal begins . . . I start to write and think about the conversation with my granddaughter. . .


Whenever I think and worry about World Order, I can’t help but imagine the communist/socialist collective, where a one party system installs itself to enable the lock-step progression into a utopian life. Or so that is how it is sold to the masses. The reality of it is something very different. Nowhere in the world has this utopia emerged as sold to the people, and eventually over 250 million people were exterminated for their dissatisfaction and resistance to its methods and loss of individual freedoms. And the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Nowhere in the equation.


Reading a review of the book World Order by Henry Kissinger (THE WEEK, 9/26/14, p.21), I began to get some perspective:


At 91, the onetime Secretary of State under Richard Nixon “bids fair to outlast many of

the people who hated him,” while America’s recent misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan have lent fresh credibility to the brutal pragmatism he favors. His new book, which ranges across more than 2000 years of history to explain his outlook,” effectively carries on” his life-long campaign to undermine “the romantic pieties of the Left and Right.” His premise: There is not now, nor has there ever been, a true international community with shared values; humanity forever lives on the edge of conflict. Thus only realistic statecraft, aimed at balancing competing national interests, can succeed. The alternative, he argues, is a descent into war and chaos.

 I have observed many politicians and statesmen, mostly now forgotten. But when Kissinger’s foreign policy acumen was being demonstrated across the world, I remember thinking he was one of the most brilliant world thinkers I had ever heard or read about in my study of world history. He stood head and shoulders above most of the people with whom he worked. I wondered how he had accumulated so much knowledge as compared to others on the world stage on which he had a significant speaking part.


When comparing other wo/men who have shared his title, I can recall no one who even came close to getting it right. If I measure Hillary Clinton or John Kerry next to Kissinger, I am embarrassed for them. It is no wonder our status as a nation has fallen into such disrepair. It is no wonder our former stature is no longer respected, let alone taken seriously. Status and stature have followed the same trajectory as the quality of our elected and appointed leaders. Our statesmen lack the substance of a Kissinger. America, the greatest nation on Earth, is being destroyed from within, and I have to believe it is intentional. But we, a complacent, apathetic people, have allowed it. I am ashamed of us.


I will read Kissinger’s book then write more on this topic as I follow civilization’s progression towards this new world order. When he was working and I watching, I knew not much about conspiracy theories, and I thought “the new world order” was a scare tactic used by deranged people who wanted to distract us. Now I realize it is absolutely real and being promoted by very powerful, wealthy people, having its root in all history. To be blunt, I believe it is the Evil side of the perpetual battle on the Earth between Good & Evil. I believe it is the cornerstone of all progressive, Marxist ideologies. I have read that Kissinger is one of those “power elite,” a communist party member. I am curious about that. I will read Kissinger’s book because I need to know how the world order club thinks and believes. We cannot presume to have any authority over our trip to the voting booth in this country unless we do the hard work of learning about our founding principles as mapped to those we elect.


Here’s more from THE WEEK’s review of Kissinger’s World Order:


Mr. Kissinger supposes that people can read between the lines” and recognize that he doesn’t think current world leaders are sufficiently wise or sufficiently realistic to meet today’s challenges. “You do not need to be Metternich to grasp that this elder statesman thinks the future is bleak.”

 As a Christian, I believe a New World Order is inescapable. Kissinger is right in the short-term but pitifully short-sighted in the long-term. Or maybe he really is a communist without Godly moorings. In any case, what does it really matter now anyways? Many people believe we are marching without recourse into the End Times. I believe this. I believe the Tribulation will touch every one of us living on the Earth, and I believe with Ebola and other plagues rolling across Africa and other Third World nations, the Rider on the Pale Horse is Death, and He is here. So in the short-term, Kissinger and other prophets are correct – the future is bleak. For a time, Satan will rule the Earth and have his way with us.


But the New World Order is approaching. It will come in riding on the coattails of Retribution Jesus (Yeshua). The princes and princesses of darkness will find themselves facing a formidable adversary, One who will come with the full power and might of God the Father Almighty to slay them. Prophecy says Jesus will rule for 1000 years in Peace, his Saints and steadfast followers by His side. Now THAT is the New World Order in which I can believe and to which I can give my whole heart and mind, body, soul and spirit. That is the hard yet hopeful message I will leave with YOU and my granddaughter so she and YOU will be READY. Ready to meet and then stand beside Retribution Jesus in the Army of New.