For the last 8 months, many news organizations have looked very casually (to put it lightly) on the Benghazi story…some journalists and news organizations have even been highly critical of those journalists or news organizations who dared to think the American people were not getting the whole story (yes, Fox News has been the subject of some sneering but we can take it …. we are big boys and big girls…and more importantly, we are also not afraid of what the media clique says about us. We do our job.)

I don’t know what will shake out when we finally get all the facts…but my background in criminal defense work made it plain to me from the “get go” that we did not have the whole story. The video? that was so weird. Who really believed that one? That was a whopper!

Frankly, if the Administration had not tried to peddle that whopper, and repeat it many times and even the President on entertainment shows, I might not have continued to wonder what was going on and suspecting anything. I might have accepted what my leaders were saying.

I also know, again from my criminal defense years, that if 4 dead bodies show up on the streets of Washington, the investigators do a “full court press” to find out what happened and they don’t quit until they have the answers and the newspaper puts it on the front page every day until we catch the killers. The media would not give up on an unsolved multiple murder on the streets of Washington. That did not happen with Benghazi.

Instead — we got the silly story (video), most of the media ignored the story, many in the media criticized anyone who dared to question the video story…and worse, there was not, or appears not to have been done, an intensive investigation by the Administration.

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